Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(LUSAKATIMES) Kabimba takes a dig at Amsterdam, calls him a hired mercenary.
Time Posted: June 12, 2013 7:43 am

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has taken a swipe at leaders of the UPND and the MMD for engaging international lawyer Robert Amsterdam to allegedly malign President Michael Sata.

Mr. Kabimba said Mr. Amsterdam is a hired mercenary who is now championing the anti-removal of subsidy campaign and corruption allegations after introducing himself as lawyer for Mr Rupiah Banda and his son Henry.

He said the PF while in opposition did not hire any mercenary to fight allegations of corruption against the MMD.

The Justice Minister was speaking during a news briefing at his office in Lusaka.

Mr. Kabimba said the PF managed to have a tribunal set up against then Transport Minister Dora Siliya and even commenced an action in the High Court against the then First Lady Thandiwe Banda without retaining a foreign lawyer.

He said the PF did not engage a foreigner lawyer because it does not suffer from an inferiority complex and colonial hangover in the manner the UPND and MMD leadership do.

Mr. Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General said the UPND and MMD leadership cannot serve the interest of Zambians if voted into power.

He said such leadership would sell out to foreign interests through the likes of Mr. Amsterdam and his superiors.

Mr. Kabimba accused the MMD and the UPND of collaborating with foreign interest against their own people at the time when the whole of Africa is fighting to shed off the last vestiges of ne-colonialism.

He said the campaign by Mr. Amsterdam will not yield any results which would bring the UPND and the MMD into power.

Mr. Kabimba said Mr. Amsterdam has failed to have the former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra regain power despite waging a similar international media campaign.

He said Mr. Amsterdam has no success story to tell except give a ray of unfulfilled hope to desperate men of fickle characters such as Mr. Hichilema and his surrogate, Pastor Nevers Mumba.

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