Monday, July 08, 2013

Kabimba feeding on diet of misinformation - Mpombo
By Moses Kuwema
Mon 01 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

PEOPLE'S Democratic Party president George Mpombo says his party has not yet put its boots on the ground.

Reacting to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba's statement that he Mpombo was working with the UPND and giving them false hopes, Mpombo described the statement as a political outburst which amounts to a knee-jerk reaction.

"His political outburst against me amounts to knee-jerk reaction and loads of cold wallops. To suggest that I am working with UPND when our party PDP has not decided whether to put our boots on the ground or not is doubling in very dangerous politics," Mpombo said.

Mpombo said Kabimba's insinuation that Kafulafuta Constituency was underdeveloped even under late president Levy Mwanawasa was a totally unacceptable assault on the late president's integrity.

He said the decision by Evelyn Mwanawasa to stand as a candidate had nothing to do with the late president, adding that any reasonable person ought to know know that.

Mpombo said Kabimba was using defective tools of analysis when he talked about the development of Kafulafuta under his leadership.

"In Kafulafuta, 80 per cent of key government institutions are electrified, including the two palaces in the constituency, chief Nkambo and chief Chiwala. There is the electrification of Bwenge resettlement scheme and schools within the scheme. There is a new local court built at Mutaba, new clinic at Matipa and Bangwe. He will be disappointed to learn that his candidate, James Chishiba, cannot point at any infrastructure development in the area. This is what he is likely to find out on the ground. From the time that Chishiba became member of parliament, not even a single borehole has been sunk. All these developmental projects I have talked about, they were done under the late president Mwanawasa, so it is not correct to say there was nothing. He Kabimba is being fed with a wrong diet of misinformation," said Mpombo.

Mpombo advised Kabimba to channel his energies on how to come up with a political strategy of refurbishing Chishiba's poor image in the constituency instead of talking about the late president's legacy.
And Mpombo said PDP would be registered in the next three weeks.
He said there was already some ground work going on.

"We have already gotten the registration forms. The committee is working on complying with the requirements. We obtained the registration forms last week, so the process is dead on course," he said.

In an interview in Kafulafuta on Thursday, Kabimba said those thinking that Evelyn Mwanawasa was going to win the Kafulafuta seat by riding on her late brother's legacy should think again because she was not a factor on the political arena.

"Even in late president Mwanawaas's reign, Kafulafuta was still underdeveloped. And George Mpombo was the MP, what did he do? Nothing. Mpombo is not a factor in Kafulafuta or anywhere. In 2011, PF asked him if he can stand in Kafulafuta but the people rejected him and he himself conceded. Today he is working with UPND. There is nothing Mpombo can do. What Mpombo is doing is giving false hopes to UPND," said Kabimba.

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