Monday, July 22, 2013

MMD is a party of liars - Scott
By Moses Kuwema in Chipata
Mon 08 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-President Dr Guy Scott says the MMD has an incurable disease. And Vice-President Scott says the MMD is a party of liars.

Addressing a series of meetings in Chipata on Saturday, Vice-President Scott said the MMD would never bounce back to power.

"The MMD has had its time and right now the party has an incurable disease which has no medicine," explained Vice-President Scott through a Nyanja song.

Vice-President Scott said the problem with easterners was that they always remain behind when other parts of the country are moving forward.

He said the MMD would never come back to power and that the earlier the people of Eastern Province realised this, the better it would be for them.

And Vice-President Scott said even when they were out of power, the MMD was still telling lies to the nation.

"The MMD is still telling lies like they did in 2011 when they were telling you that if you vote for the PF, men will start marrying their fellow men. They are now telling you lies that the PF stands for paya farmer kill the farmer when we have distributed more fertiliser than the MMD ever did when they ruled this country. The problem we have found is that the system was very corrupt so we have taken the trouble to fix this problem," he said.

Vice-President Scott said the MMD were like daydreamers who smoked marijuana.

And Vice-President Scott advised the PF campaign team against looking at the tribe of the candidate, as the by-election was not meant to decide which tribe was better than the other.

"The complaint of tribe should not derail you, what should matter is getting the job done. In PF we have a principle that if someone causes a by-election through winning a petition, that person must be the one to stand and that's exactly what happened here with Mangani," he said.

And Vice-President Scott said he had just started his career.
Addressing government workers at Chipata Teachers College on Saturday evening, Vice-President Scott said much as he was over 65 years old, he had just started his career.

This was in response to a question asked by a teacher on the retirement age and he sought clarity, saying he could be using a walking stick going for work by the time he turned 65.

And Vice-President Scott said the cost associated with by-elections was as a result of allowances that were paid to electoral officers.

He said the actual cost of ballot papers and transport was not so much.

"It is the civil servants who are mainly benefitting from these by-elections. A lot of money from the by-elections does not go outside but is circulated within the country but obviously that's not a defence for the number of by-elections," said Vice-President Scott in response to a question by a government employee who wanted to know whether the holding of a number of by-elections was a cost-saving measure on the part of the government.

Vice-President Scott said at times, making things happen in politics was not normally straightforward.

He said the country has had a relatively small number of by-elections as compared to the magnitude of the problem in parliament where the PF has been failing to pass certain laws because of having few numbers on its side.

And Vice-President Scott has observed it had become a tradition in the country where problems that ought to be solved at a lower level by government authorities are pushed upwards to the higher authorities.

"It is very important that you establish communication among yourselves. We have a breakdown of communication," said Vice-President Scott in response to a question from another teacher who wanted clarity on the issue of allowances.

Vice-President Scott urged the teachers to exhaust their ministry and their union representatives on allowances.

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