Monday, July 08, 2013

Poaching MPs is essential - Scott
By Allan Mulenga and Laura Karlin
Sat 29 June 2013, 14:00 CAT

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott yesterday said poaching of opposition members of parliament is essential because politics is a game of numbers. And Vice-President Scott says the government has spent K22 billion on by-elections this year.

Responding to Choma Central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa, who wanted to know how much the government had so far spent on by-elections and how much was budgeted for elections this year, Dr Scott wondered why the opposition were complaining over the government's decision to appoint its members of parliament to serve in the government when the MMD government poached PF members of parliament.

"I don't understand why the UPND and the MMD complain when we invite their members to serve in government. They poached our members, we didn't complain. Poaching is essential because politics is a game of numbers," he said.

Vice-President Scott refuted claims by the opposition that the PF was deliberately causing by-elections.

"If the opposition allows their members to serve in government, there wouldn't be by-elections. Some seats are being nullified by the Supreme Court and there is nothing that we can do about it. They should not blame the PF over the by-elections," said Vice-President Scott.
He also said the government had spent K22 billion this year on by-elections.

"I wish to tell the House that K5 billion was budgeted for by-elections in the Yellow Book this year. For the year, we have spent K22 billion on by-elections, giving us a budget overrun of K17 billion, which we are going to get from the contingency fund," said Vice-President Scott.

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