Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zambia is a corrupt country needing reform - Scott
By Moses Kuwema in Mkushi
Sun 14 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-President Dr Guy Scott says Zambia is a corrupt country which needs reformation. And chief Mulungwe of the Lala people of Mkushi says the MMD did completely nothing for the rural population during its tenure.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on chief Mulungwe at his palace in Mkushi yesterday, Vice-President Scott said Zambia was a very corrupt country.

"We have to reform. This is a very corrupt country and as government we have a very big challenge," said Vice-President Scott when chief Mulungwe complained to him that the ordinary farmers were not benefiting from the fertiliser from the government.

Vice-President Scott said the government was aware of the many challenges faced by the country and wanted to make a difference.
He however, said making a difference would take time.

"You cannot have everything at once. If you want something good, you have to suffer. The MMD were doing nothing except putting up roads in times of elections, putting money under the floor and buying bicycles," said Vice-President Scott.

And chief Mulungwe said the MMD did completely nothing during their reign as most rural parts of the country were still faced with numerous challenges.

Chief Mulungwe said the rural parts and his chiefdom in particular was faced with a lot of challenges that ranged from lack of jobs for the youths, lack of health facilities, and schools, and poor road infrastructure.

He said the few clinics and health posts that were available had no personnel to man them.

"We want the number of fertiliser bags given to farmers to be increased because the current numbers are not enough. We need more fertiliser bags if we are to reduce the hunger situation among our people," said chief Mulungwe.

Chief Mulungwe also spoke against tribalism, saying there was need to maintain the peace that the country had enjoyed.

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