Friday, August 16, 2013

KK deserves Nobel Prize - Prof Ngoma
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Sun 28 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

COPPERBELT University Vice-Chancellor professor Naison Ngoma says Dr Kenneth Kaunda deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for being a living beacon of peace and freedom in Africa.

Speaking at the 22nd Graduation Ceremony at CBU on Friday, Prof Ngoma said Zambians must begin talking proudly about the critical role Dr Kaunda played in the liberation of Africa and his noble works in conflict resolution and peace-building on the continent and other parts of the world.

Prof Ngoma said Dr Kaunda stood as a source of hope and unity for Zambia and Africa as a continent in economic and political struggles.
He said Dr Kaunda was in the category of noble men and women around the world that had been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

"His excellency Dr Kaunda could be said to have done a lot for Africa. His role in the search for peace, social and economic transformation in Southern Africa in particular and the world in general is so immense that his deep belief in non-violence approach to issues and to live to serve others with love has had lasting influence in the lives of many," Prof Ngoma said.

And CBU Chancellor Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi said the purpose of establishing universities in African countries was to provide high level manpower to the continent's economic, social and political institutions.

He said universities were expected to play a pioneering role through research, innovation, in addressing problems of poverty, low productivity, unemployment and social disorganisation which appear to have confounded the African continent.

"Universities should endeavour to attain national relevance and academic excellence in the environment where they operate. National relevance and academic excellence are important to the survival of a university. Universities in Zambia must recognise that they have a set of wider obligations to society," Prof Mwanalushi said.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton who graced the graduation ceremony urged the new graduates to help fight corruption in the country by refusing to accept or give bribes as they take up new roles in society.

Thornton said the country needs a holistic approach towards fighting corruption if the country is to see development.

He said young men and women leaving universities must work hard for national prosperity.

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