Monday, August 05, 2013

PF not going out of govt soon - Scott
By Moses Kuwema in Kafulafuta
Sun 21 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-President Dr Guy Scott says the PF is not going out of government soon. Addressing a public rally at Miengwe Primary School in Kafulafuta yesterday, Vice-President Scott urged the people in the area to work with the PF because the party would be in government for sometime.

"We campaigned for 10 years explaining our policies in all the provinces and districts and now we are here. PF is not going soon," he said. Vice-President Scott said the UPND had a long way to go before they could take over power.

He said the UPND only existed in Southern Province and parts of Western and North-Western provinces.

Vice-President Scott said the MMD would not come back to power.
He wondered what the MMD did for the people of Kafulafuta during the 20 years that it ruled.

"For MMD I think, I am very sorry for them. I think they are dying. The MMD is not coming back," he said.

And Vice-President Scott's wife, Charlotte said in the last 10-15 years, Lusaka had witnessed a number of developments but that this has not been the case in rural areas.

"It is like during that time, money was just circulating among a few rich people but the PF's policy is to ensure that poor people also benefit from this development," she said.

Meanwhile, PF candidate in the July 25 Kafulafuta by-elections James Chishiba urged the electorate in the area not to listen to people who were spreading false rumours that he had stolen the Constituency Development Funds, saying the PF does not entertain thieves.

Vice-President Scott was accompanied to Kafulafuta by works and supply deputy minister Mwimba Malama, deputy minister in the office of the vice president Harry Kalaba, home affairs deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo and Northern Province minister Obius Chisala.

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