Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PF vibrant - Kabimba
By Henry Sinyangwe
Wed 31 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba says party members are not fatigued. And Kabimba, who is also justice minister, says the party will remain vibrant and deliver on its promises.

Reacting to Professor Clive Chirwa who has advised the PF to stick to the vibrancy in its original vision to raise the living standards of the people, Kabimba said the party was on course in terms of its manifesto.

Kabimba said not everything can go right in any government.
He said it was good that Prof Chirwa recognised that there were some things which were being done right under the current administration.

"You can't have a system where everything is going right. That only happens in heaven, certainly not on earth. There is no government that anybody can point at on this planet where everything is going on 100 per cent right," Kabimba said.

"What is important is that he has been able to acknowledge… to concede that there are certain areas where PF is performing better than MMD ever did."

And Kabimba said the party was going back to the old system under the Kaunda administration where all the schools and classes opened in January and no student lost any time in terms of academic service.

"We have four core programmes which we have prioritised in our manifesto and these are education, health, agriculture, local government and housing. And these two are followed by infrastructure development and tourism. Activities are going on in all these sectors. You can't say that these activities are evidence of fatigue. If anything, there is a lot of vibrancy. In fact in the area of education, for the first time, in 15, 20 years, the exam results for this year will come out before the end of the year," he said.

On Prof Chirwa's observation that the PF was in a learning curve in its one and half years' rule, Kabimba said the party was merely reconstructing the economy which had fallen under MMD rule.

"It has not been a learning curve, don't forget that this country is under a state of reconstruction. We come from what I refer to as an economic civil war under the MMD. So we have to reconstruct the financial, social and economic sectors in order to move the economy forward. It is not as if we took over an ideal situation. It was not.

We have to fight corruption which has been embedded in many of our institutions of governance, including the public service which is not easy. Most of the people were dipped in the MMD culture of corruption," he said.

Last week Prof Chirwa said there were signs of fatigue on the part of the PF in terms of ingenuity of vision to deliver on its promises.

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