Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Socialist International approvals PF's membership
By Roy Habaalu
Sun 21 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba says the Socialist International's approval of the PF's membership will broaden its scope to participate in international issues.

The socialist international approved the ruling party's membership in February 2013 during a meeting held in Portugal.

Kabimba, who is PF secretary general, said they would use the membership to make their position known on world events.

"It's a very useful forum for PF to be able to be recognised and admitted to that organisation as a member. It broadens the scope of participation of the party from the local and regional level to an international level and for us as an infant political party that is just 11-12 years now we value our membership in the Socialist International, more so now this has been coupled with our membership into the Council of African Political Parties," he said.

Kabimba was elected president of the CAPP in Khartoum, Sudan this year.
He said Socialist International was a platform for political parties to interact and exchange experiences.

"It's a political forum where political parties meet to take positions on certain world events; on things like the world financial crisis, issues of environment, issues of world peace and on issues of democracy. It's also a platform used by political parties to exchange experiences with other political parties and also develop party-to-party relations," he said.

Kabimba said the PF applied for membership into the Socialist International in 2010 and in the first stage were given an observer status at a meeting in April 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.
He said the application was referred to the council of the Socialist International for consideration by the general assembly.

Kabimba said the Socialist International was a grouping of political parties in the world that included the Labour Party of the United Kingdom and the African National Congress of South Africa.

The London-based Socialist International was established in 1955 and its secretary general is Louise Ayala from Chile.

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