Monday, August 05, 2013

Taima still has MMD blood in him - Sata
By Moses Kuwema, Kombe Chimpinde and Misheck Wangwe
Thu 18 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says Richard Taima might still have some MMD blood in him. Addressing a rally at Kasapa Basic School on Wednesday, President Sata said the PF did not adopt Taima for the Solwezi East by-election because the party wanted to start afresh.

"When Taima phoned me that he wanted to resign and join us, I told him you are welcome but we won't take you back to Solwezi East because we wanted to start afresh and you might still have some MMD blood in you. I told him we will give you a job because I know you have to feed your family and children," he said.

President Sata said Taima was still a young man and that the PF would look after him but not as member of parliament.

"I told Taima we won't adopt you but will find you a job. I told him Ilyo mwali mu MMD, mwali ba chibola nomba kuntu mwaisafyala shani mu PF? I told him the time he was in MMD he was barren so how can he
bear children in PF?" asked President Sata.

And President Sata said from the time he became Republican President, he had never heard any of the opposition members of parliament from North-Western Province complain about the problems faced in the province.

"The opposition members of parliament in this province don't complain for you. I live in Lusaka and I have never heard anyone complain for you. It is your vote and you can do as you like with it. We will listen to your representatives while in Lusaka but since I became President one year, nine months, I have never heard any one member of parliament complain about your problems," he said.

President Sata addressed meetings at Mapunga in chief Mujimanzovu's area, Mushindamo Basic school and Kasapa Basic School.

And chief Kalilile of Solwezi called on President Sata to declare Mushindamo a district.

The PF is fielding Peter Ilunga in the July 25 Solwezi East by-election.

And President Sata says that he wants his government to deliver and not to go about lying to the people.

Speaking at a rally held at Chiwala Basic School, in Masaiti district where he went to drum up support for the PF candidate in the Kafulafuta by-elections James Chishiba, President Sata warned that his government did not want commotion.

"Takwaba ubuteko ubufwaya icongo (There is no government that likes squabbles). Where you (Chishiba) have come (PF) you have to deliver. Ifyo nshilefwaya fyakulabepa abantu (there is no government which wants mayhem. ..what I don't want is lying to the people)," he said.

Where you have come in PF I pity you because people here want development. I haven't come here to ask them to vote for you, they know how to use their cards. This is why I am going round, I will be in Mkushi also. If you are not careful you will miss MMD because I don't want people to be told lies," President Sata told Chishiba.

President Sata said Chishiba had matured and outgrown the tendencies of MMD.

He said PF was a parent of Zambians unlike MMD which was barren to needs of the people.

He said Chishiba ought to be ashamed that some parts of the area had not been electrified since he became member of parliament.

"You have to speak on behalf of these people. You are asking these people to give you this job now when they give you this job, what will be in it for them?" he asked. President Sata said pupils were traveling distances to school for a long time.

"If you fail to perform within three months, we will chase you and chase you from Parliament and replace you with another one. So if you don't want to be chased, you put more effort," President Sata said and asked the people of Kafulafuta to retry Chishiba for them to experience real development in form of schools, roads and clean water.

President Sata also said his government would never spend money on things like fuel subsidies that disadvantage the poor and only benefit a few rich people.

President Sata said it was illogical to have a situation where the poor were serving the rich with vehicles in terms of fuel subsidies.

"Some people are talking about subsidies. Tell me, of what benefit is that arrangement to the poor? How many poor people have vehicles here? That money would be used to bring development here because only a few rich people were benefiting. I want everyone in leadership to have a heart for these poor people, think always about the children in that school who don't even have a blackboard in their class," President Sata said.

He said people should not be cheated by any politician that that they would bring development when they were not in government.

President Sata said he wants to work with leaders that always think about the plight of the poor.

And speaking before President Sata addressed a rally at Bangwe Basic school, Patrick Mwanawasa said he would stand as member of parliament in the area in 2016.

Gabriel Namulambe, who is deputy foreign affairs minister said the MMD could not give Zambians anything because they were busy fighting each other.

Namulambe said it was President Sata who had money and resources and there was no need for the people of Kafulafuta to remain in a disorganised opposition which was not adding value to their livelihoods.

And Willie Nsanda said President Sata should run his two terms to achieve his vision for the country Nsanda said 2016 was for President Sata.

"President Sata is the owner of the programme he has started. After five years, you will see miracles; he is the one that controls, he has the vision. If he was a train, he is the head and we are the wagons," said Nsanda.

Nsanda said PF was more interested in delivering development than trading insults as was the case with the opposition.

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