Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AfDB launches 3-month pilot initiative in Zambia, Tanzania
By Kabanda Chulu
Mon 02 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT

AfDB has launched a three-month pilot business development initiative in the industries and services sector of Zambia and Tanzania aimed at unlocking the industrial potential of the two countries.

Under its private sector department, the African Development Bank (AfDB) was interested in engaging with sponsors in Zambia and Tanzania who have project concepts that were aligned to the strategic priorities of the bank.

"Project promoters are encouraged to visit the webpage to understand the criteria for project selection. Should your project comply with the criteria specified, you are advised to upload an executive summary of the project, including the project description, the sponsors, cost estimates, financing plan, key technical and environmental features, feasibility indicators, business climate and market prospect, and implementation plan," it stated.

"The Bank's team will then get in touch with prospective project developers to take the discussion forward."

AfDB stated that projects would be screened through a rigorous due diligence process focusing both on commercial viability and development outcomes.



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