Tuesday, September 10, 2013

(HERALD ZW) India hails President’s victory
August 16, 2013
Farai Kuvirimirwa Herald Reporter

India has congratulated President Mugabe and Zanu-PF for resoundingly winning the just-ended harmonised elections in which the President scored 61,09 percent and the party got more than the crucial two-thirds majority in Parliament.Zimbabwe has received congratulations from various countries, among them regional bodies such as the UN, AU, Sadc, Comesa, African Union and the ACP countries for conducting peaceful and credible elections.

Speaking at the flag hoisting ceremony at India House in Harare yesterday, Indian ambassador Mr Jeitendra Kumar Tripathi said Zimbabwe should be commended for conducting peaceful and credible elections.

The hoisting of the flag was meant to celebrate India’s 67th independence anniversary from British colonial bondage.

“I congratulate our Zimbabwean friends, the Government and the leadership for having peaceful and credible elections,” Mr Tripathi.

“We have a good relationship with Zimbabwe which dates back to 67 years ago when we supported the liberation struggle morally since we were subjugated by the same colonial power.

“I hope the incoming Government will come and implement policies such that Zimbabwe regains its glory and becomes one of the richest country in Africa.

“We have clearly cut policies and we do not intervene into any country’s internal affairs and if elections are there it’s up to Zimbabwean friends to decide which way to go.

“It is not proper to influence the Zimbabwean election result because it is an internal matter and people should decide.
“As a friendly country we are always co-operating with Zimbabwe.”

Mr Tripathi expressed optimism on Zimbabwe in the next 10 years and said the bright future of the country has enabled India to avail a US$28,6 million line of credit facility.

“I believe in the future of Zimbabwe and I am hopeful of a positive future in the next five to 10 years,” he said.

“I am hopeful because Zimbabwe has every ingredient to be on top of Africa with more than 90 percent literacy rate, fertile land, abundant natural and mineral resources.

“We are going to establish a testing laboratory and technology park to assist Zimbabwe with experts for three years.

“We have just approved a US$28,6 million line of credit for the upgrading of the Deka Reservoir and connecting it to Hwange power plant.”

Mr Tripathi expressed optimism over six projects submitted by the Zimbabwean Government which he said were under consideration by his country.

He said India planned to embark on projects to enhance capacity building and infrastructure development.

Mr Tripathi congratulated Zimbabwean citizens of Indian origin and urged all Zimbabweans to join in celebrating India’s independence anniversary.

“I congratulate all countrymen who are living here and Zimbabwean citizens of Indian origin for the 67 years after attaining independence,” he said.

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