Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Inonge calls for discipline in PF
By Moses Kuwema
Wed 28 Aug. 2013, 14:01 CAT

PF national chairperson Inonge Wina says there is need for discipline in the party and advised members to tame their tongues.

In an interview, Wina, who is gender minister and Nalolo member of parliament, said the PF had been a disciplined political party all along and should not be seen to have members who exchange negative views in public.

"I appeal to all party members to be disciplined. I think we need to consolidate the gains that this party has made in government over the past year and half. Our energies have been exerted to development issues.

The President is busy supervising the works on the Link Zambia 8000; the President is busy looking at how he can develop this whole country, meaning all the 10 provinces. His focus should not be diverted to petty issues of succession and what have you. There should be discipline in the party. I think we need to tame our tongues also in the way we express ourselves in the press, in public and anywhere else where we have a platform to speak," Wina said.

She called for an end to the arguments regarding the succession in the party presidency.

Wina said there had been a lot of talk in the newspapers which was not needed.

"As leaders of PF, we shall meet to discuss this issue of, not succession as such, but the issue of discussing the matter in public. This is definitely not for public consumption. In any case, at no time has this party met to talk about who succeeds President Sata because it is too early in the day to be discussing these matters. The President himself has not given any green light for public discussion on the matter. There is no need for party officials to be exchanging remarks in the newspapers on the same. The party has the capacity to discuss issues of this nature in caucus meetings and we are going to do that as soon as possible," she said.

Asked if she was aware of any party member who wanted to challenge President Sata, Wina responded: "Not at all. I think perhaps the reasoning behind all these endorsements is just a show of solidarity for the President and just to show him that the party is still behind him. There are no machinations whatsoever within the party itself or for individuals who want to take over. If they do, they have not said so in the Central Committee or we would have known about it in the Central Committee by now."

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