Thursday, September 05, 2013

(SUNDAY MAIL ZW) President Mugabe romps to victory
Saturday, 03 August 2013 23:30
Kuda Bwititi

President Mugabe has won the 2013 presidential election with a crushing 61, 09 percent vote in a peaceful plebiscite that also saw Zanu-PF surpass a two-thirds parliamentary majority. His main rival, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC-T party, polled 33, 94 percent while MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube accounted for 2, 68 percent of the vote. Zapu frontman Mr Dumiso Dabengwa and Zimbabwe Development Party president Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe only managed 0, 74 percent and 0, 29 percent respectively.

The final tally of National Assembly results saw Zanu-PF stand at 160 seats against the MDC-T’s 49. Prominent lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange filled the only remaining seat as an independent candidate.

Announcing the results at the national election command centre in Harare last night, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said President Mugabe garnered more than 2, 1 million votes while Mr Tsvangirai got 1, 1 million.

Justice Makarau said Cde Mugabe assumed his Executive position immediately.

“Now, therefore, I, Rita Makarau, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, acting in terms of Section 110, subsection 3 F, paragraph 2, do hereby declare that Mugabe Robert Gabriel of Zanu-PF party has received more than half the number of votes cast in the Presidential election.

“Mugabe Robert Gabriel of Zanu-PF party is, therefore, declared duly elected President of Zimbabwe from today, the third of August.”
Justice Makarau also commended Zimbabweans for maintaining peace and turning up in large numbers to vote.

“I would like to thank Zimbabweans for the peace and tranquillity that prevailed during the election period. In the Presidential election, in excess of 3 480 000 people turned out to vote.

“As we set out this electoral process, we at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission aimed for the stars. We wanted a perfect process. But it was with the people of Zimbabwe who took us beyond the tree tops.”

Speaking to journalists soon after the announcement, President Mugabe’s chief election agent, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, said the emphatic victory was symbolic.

He urged Mr Tsvangirai to accept the election outcome, adding that MDC-T threats to incite civil disobedience were almost certain to spell the total demise of the party.

“I am very, very happy that I represent the winner, my principal, President Mugabe. The people have spoken. They (MDC-T) have the democratic right to do wrong things. With the route they are taking, their political careers might be buried for good,” he said.

“The people of Zimbabwe have spoken. That is (MDC-T treasurer Mr Roy) Bennett speaking as an individual. He cannot speak on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe. The majority of this country has spoken and even Mr Tsvangirai. . . if he is an honest politician, he should accept these results.”

Mr Tsvangirai’s chief election agent, Mr Obert Gutu, refused to sign a statement acknowledging the result.

Speaking to journalists, a despondent Mr Gutu said the election was “a mockery of the people’s views” and issued threats.

“My president, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, made it very clear that this election is a sham and a farce and it’s null and void.

“Just wait and see; something is going to happen from here. We are going to take some action.”

European Union Commission Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Aldo Dell Ariccia said the elections were peaceful and orderly.

He, however, said the European bloc was “concerned about alleged irregularities and reports of incomplete participation.

“The EU takes note of the announced results and the assessment of the Sadc and AU observers. We thank these organisations for the role that they played in the run-up to the election and throughout the electoral process.

“The EU congratulates the people of Zimbabwe for a peaceful vote and for turning out in large numbers,” he said while reading a prepared statement.

“It welcomes the generally peaceful and orderly manner in which the elections were conducted.

“The EU is concerned about alleged irregularities and reports of incomplete participation as well as over the identified weaknesses in the electoral process and lack of transparency.

“The EU will continue to follow developments and work closely with its partners in the weeks to come and the EU encourages all parties to maintain calm and order.”


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