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(TALKZIMBABWE) Roy Bennett’s delusional ‘call to action’
This article was written by Our reporter on 2 August, at 03 : 02 AM

COMMENT - Speaking of shouting orders at non-existent armies... - MrK

The call by MDC-T Treasurer-General Roy Bennett for Zimbabweans to rise against their own vote is further evidence of how detached from reality the MDC-T has become.

After failed Final Push, Winter of Discontent, the Last Mile and other calls, you’d think these calls to action would be a thing of the past. This detachment from reality is the exact same reason why they lost the election.

Their flawed logic is that a Voters Roll with many dead people affects the outcome of the election. Several questions emerge. How do those people who have already voted take off the indelible pink ink to vote for the second time on behalf of the dead people? If there are people over 100 years, what ID would they use when they try to vote? Surely you can tell the difference between a 100 year old and someone not.

How does Zanu-PF know about the dead people if their relatives never applied to be removed from the register in the first place? In fact, how does the MDC-T know they are dead, or Zanu-PF for that matter? And if they never had the register in the first place, how did the MDC-T know such finer personal details about people without the register?

In any case, why did the MDC-T leave it until the last hour to get the register sorted? As PM in the inclusive Government, Tsvangirai was responsible for the Council of Ministers. Why did he not ask his Co-Home Affairs Minister, Theresa Makone, to ensure that the register was sorted before the election?

Is this not another sign of incompetence on the part of the former Prime Minister and his team in the inclusive Government? For five years, what were they doing if they could not sort out a mere register?

Can we then entrust them with more difficult government business? These people do not realise that some of their claims expose their incompetence even more. Roy Bennett’s call will pass just like all the other calls, Zimbabweans are smarter than Bennett gives them credit for. They simply would not rise against a party they’ve just voted into power. There is no precedent for this type of action.

Furthermore they would not rise in support of an erstwhile, bitter for BSAP Officer who was vicariously complicit in the strengthening of an Apartheid system of policing.
Roy Bennett Roy Bennett’s delusional ‘call to action’

Roy Bennett – MDC-T Treasurer-General



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