Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mwale condemns PF cadres' unruly behaviour at Parliament
By Allan Mulenga
Sun 22 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT

CHIPANGALI MMD member of parliament Vincent Mwale has condemned the disorderly behaviour of PF cadres' after the official opening of Parliament on Friday.

In an interview yesterday, Mwale said the PF cadres' unruly behaviour in the precincts of Parliament was a source of concern.

"We have never witnessed a thing like that before. Most of the visitors that came to Parliament complained about that. Those that came there for the first time never thought that's how everything goes on. It is a source of concern. We saw a lot of cadres than government officials or invited guests. There were more cadres. I think the problem is that people have taken that event very lightly," he said.

Mwale explained that the official opening of Parliament was a solemn occasion that should be respected by all citizens.

"In the past, from the Mwanawasa time and the Rupiah Banda time, the President after officially opening parliament, takes time in the afternoon to mingle with members of parliament and their wives. Because wives of members of parliament are invited and so maybe because last year the President never came and this year he never came to mingle with us, Patriotic Front cadres have hijacked," he said.

Mwale said Parliament should not be a place to settle political differences by cadres.

"The behaviour that they displayed yesterday was of great concern. There were busy chanting slogans for the party; chanting anti-Kabimba slogans. You don't bring such political battles to such kind of an event. That event is supposed to be respected because you have the Head of State once a year coming to address Parliament," he said.

"It should be a solemn ceremony that we should all respect; we should have our time with the Head of State."

Mwale warned that if nothing was done to address the issue, guests would in future shun the event.

"Now, if this event will be characterised by such behaviour by political cadres, we will see genuine invitees refusing to turn up in the near future. Because others will be scared for their own security," he said. "Imagine those cadres if they didn't like you and they meet you there, it is very possible that they can beat you in the precincts of Parliament which is not supposed to be tolerated."

Mwale explained that he had never seen such a thing happen since he was elected member of parliament.

"I think that it is a great concern for me. I have never seen this. This is my seventh year in Parliament; in the last seven years I have never seen this kind of behaviour and I think somebody has to do something before it gets out of hand," said Mwale.

On Friday after the official address by President Michael Sata, anti-Kabimba slogan chanting PF cadres swarmed Parliament, causing confusion in the precincts of the House.


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