Monday, October 07, 2013

PF should resolve internal differences - Saccord
By Abel Mboozi
Fri 13 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT

THE PF should devise a proper mechanism of resolving intra-party differences amicably, says SACCORD information officer Obi Chibuluma.

Chibuluma said it was cardinal that political parties in Zambia remain well organised by ensuring that they avoid intra-party conflicts.

"It therefore becomes critical that the ruling party leads by example. This is to say the PF should ensure that it puts in place a proper mechanism for resolving internal politics," he said.

Chibuluma said the behaviour of the PF in the recent past showed that the party had no proper mechanisms in place to resolve wrangling.
"Whatever differences leaders in the PF have, such squabbles should not escalate to a situation where the nation sees that the ruling party is embroiled in confusion," Chibuluma said.

He called for unity in the PF, adding that the ruling party should do more in educating its cadres against engaging in violence.

"The squabbles in the PF have potential to disturbing the smooth running of the government in terms of service delivery to the many expectant citizens. Therefore, whoever has control over the violent cadres, please let them restrain them from such evil acts," Chibuluma said.

He expressed hope that the apparent reconciliation between defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and his justice counterpart Wynter Kabimba would end the internal squabbles in the ruling party.

"These leaders should instruct their cadres to remain peaceful and that any differences that may arise should be resolved in a more civil manner than resorting to violence.

Kabimba, the PF secretary general, has said there is no need for him and Mwamba to continue fighting because they are one.

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