Friday, October 25, 2013

Those fighting Wynter weakening Sata, warns Munkombwe
By Moses Kuwema
Wed 02 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

DANIEL Munkombwe says the people that have been organising others in order to remove Wynter Kabimba as secretary general want to weaken President Michael Sata.

And commenting on Vice-President Dr Guy Scott's statement that the people who had been calling for Kabimba to leave the post of secretary general were after President Sata, Munkombwe, who is Southern Province minister, said the calls were not aimed at weakening Kabimba but President Sata.

"If you are a leader of a political party and the party is split, where do you get your presidency? If it is split in whatever form, be it quarter or whatever, then you are a weak president. They are not weakening Kabimba, they are not weakening anybody; they are weakening the party, whose head is Michael Sata. Sata must have a right hand person and right hand central committee," he said.

Munkombwe said much as he was new to the PF, he was not a stranger to political parties as he had served under all the five presidents.
He said the experience of building political parties was his expertise.

"If you throw away whether you are throwing away Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, you are causing a crack. More so if you throw away a secretary general of a party, you are causing a bigger crack. I know myself from history and my knowledge that PF has had a high turnover of secretary generals. They must know who among them has served the party well. Let them compare. Why was PF not in government when these guys were secretary generals? Who has managed to lift PF into government?" he asked.

Munkombwe said each and every member of the PF was useful in one way or another and that he did not want the PF to be lame.

And Munkombwe, who is PF Southern Province chairman, said no one in the province had been mandated to speak for the province on matters to do with Kabimba.

"I am a provincial chairman. We have not met on the matter. We will wait for the President to give a direction on the matter," he said.
Last week, some PF supporters had a meeting where they announced that all 10 provinces wanted Kabimba removed as secretary general.

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