Monday, October 07, 2013

UNIP dismisses MMD's claim of taking over Eastern Province
By Allan Mulenga
Sat 14 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT

MMD's celebration in Eastern Province is short-lived, says UNIP provincial chairperson Donald Sakala. In an interview yesterday, Sakala said MMD's recent victory in by-elections did not reflect a true picture of the people's position in the province.

"It is not true that MMD has taken over support in Eastern Province. If you remember very well when we lost the elections in 1991, what MMD is going through is what UNIP went through also. In the first years, UNIP was very strong in Eastern Province," he said.

"The only problem is that the policies of the PF are what have made other political parties to be winning these elections. These seats, like the Mkaika seat was for the MMD, that is what they must know. They can only boast if the seat was for another political party and they have won it. But they are just retaining their seats that belong to them. David Phiri was MMD; you're aware about that."

Sakala said UNIP would soon reclaim its popularity in the area.

"Eastern Province traditionally has been for UNIP and this is why we are working very hard to reclaim our province here. What is happening is temporary as far as I am concerned. We are working very hard to reclaim Eastern Province," he said.

Sakala said UNIP's sound policies had made it remain relevant to the people of Eastern Province.

"We are the only political party that has existed and still continues participating in all by-elections. It is not easy; give MMD another five years from now. It is too early for them to be talking about popularity in Eastern Province. They have been in the opposition for less than two years; meanwhile UNIP has been in the opposition from 1991. This will tell you that UNIP is strong because if we were not strong, we would not reach as far as we have reached now. UNIP was going to disband a long time ago, but we are still there. We are in the process of re-building the party. One day we are going to take over leadership of the country," said Sakala.

Recently, MMD president Nevers Mumba claimed that his party's recent victory in Mkaika Constituency by-election was enough proof that the party had penetrated the area.

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