Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Levy's legacy will stay - Lundwe
By Kondwani Munyeka
Wed 16 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

THE Levy Mwanawasa Foundation will help keep the former president's legacy, says former lands minister Gladys Lundwe. The Levy Mwanawasa Foundation recently held a fundraising dinner where information minister Mwansa Kapeya said the PF and its government will continue to fight corruption with the zeal and tenacity of late president Mwanawasa.

Commenting on the foundation's works in an interview yesterday, Lundwe said the organisation needed support as long as they stayed focused on following Mwanawasa's vision. "If this is the line under which the foundation would operate, then they deserve the support from all Zambians," she said.

Lundwe said the fight against corruption should not be discriminatory but must instead be applied equally to all citizens as no one was above the law.

"Anyone found wanting should be investigated equally regardless of their political affiliation," said Lundwe.

"In this fight, leaders should emulate and fight corruption as the late president did. The late president handled all corruption cases seriously to an extent that even his own ministers found wanting were arrested and charged accordingly."

The Levy Mwanawasa foundation was formed in 2010 by his family and friends to portray the ideals he stood for.

Foundation chairperson Dr Moses Banda said during the recent gala dinner that the event was aimed at raising funds to plough into the establishment of the Levy Mwanawasa Resource Centre at the University of Zambia.

Dr Banda explained that the foundation would also carry out various activities such as mentoring, role modelling and assisting young people to be lawyers.

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