Saturday, November 02, 2013

(NEWZIMBABWE) Ex-mayor ditches MDC-T for Madhuku's party
09/10/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

FORMER Marondera mayor Farai Nyandoro has joined the Lovemore Madhuku-led National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) political party, ditching the MDC-T.

Nyandoro, who contradicted MDC-T claims that the July 31 vote was rigged insisting the party authored its stunning defeat through the imposition of candidates, told Wednesday that frustration had forced him to abandon ship.

“I have left the movement a bitter man; I was being frustrated and haunted since 2010 when the party suspended me,” he said.

“What frustrated me is lack of democracy and constitutionalism within the party which I loved so much. For instance, the party constitution clearly states that if one is suspended his case should be heard within 14 days and this was not the situation in my case.

“I was suspended in 2010 and up to now I still remain suspended without a proper disciplinary hearing.”

Pouring his heart out, Nyandoro added: “What also pains me is that I almost lost my life to political violence in the early years of 2000 when it was a taboo to contest in Mashonaland East province under the MDC banner.

“But I stood put after being beaten to death at Eagle Turner by Zanu PF supporters when I contested the elections for Ward 2 Marondera rural.”

In August Nyandoro blamed the MDC-T’s defeat on factionalism, the imposition of candidates and “bootlicking”, contradicting claims by the party leadership that the polls had been rigged.

“We went the election a divided lot in Mashonaland East Province. The leadership was aware of what I am saying; imposition of candidates cost the party, and it is a fact,” he said then.

“Our party used to belong to the poor, it used to belong to students and workers but of late we saw the party being hijacked by the elites, those who have money, and this did not go down well with the electorate.”
NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa confirmed Nyandoro had joined the party.

“A lot of such people are coming to join the party, and it is happening in all the districts throughout the country. What I can tell you at the moment is that we are going to have an audit of our membership just before the congress in March next year to establish how has joined,” he said Chivasa.

In jumping ship for the NCA, Nyandoro joins a number other disgruntled senior MDC-T members who have also ditched the party.

They include Emmanuel Chiroto the former deputy Harare mayor, Felix Magalela Mafa, Aaron Chinhara who lost the MDC-T primaries for Redcliff, Samuel Sandla Khumalo who wanted to represent the MDC-T in the Magwegwe constituency and former Sunningdale councillor Musa Macheza.

Interim NCA leader Madhuku has been engaging the MDC-T rebels since announcing his intension to form a political party.

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