Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nsengas celebrate Sangu's re-installation as Kalindawalo
By Lucas Mwale in Petauke
Sat 05 Oct. 2013, 14:00 CAT

SCORES of people from Petauke, Nyimba and Sinda on Tuesday gathered at Kaulu to witness the re-installation of Micheal Sangu Tembo as senior chief Kalindawalo of the Nsenga people.

The re-installation of Sangu comes in the wake of the government's decision to withdraw the recognition of then senior chief Kalindawalo, Mndikula Everson Mumba.

Sangu was earlier dethroned through a court order and Mumba took over but was also de-gazzetted by President Michael Sata recently, and Nsengas were made to start paying divided loyalty to both.

But on Tuesday, Sangu was handed the instruments of power at acolourful ceremony presided over by chieftainess Mwape of theNsenga people in Nyimba and attended by former Petauke Central MMD member of parliament Dora Siliya.

Chieftainess Mwape said the re-installation ceremony marked the end of the prolonged Kalindawalo chieftaincy wrangle.
She called on all the Nsengas to unite and contribute to the national development.

Chieftainess Mwape further said Sangu was installed in 2000 and that according to Nsenga tradition, the status quo did not changedespite the Supreme Court's ruling, which went in Mumba's favour.

And family spokesperson, chief Mumbi said all Nsenga chiefs were happythat Sangu was Senior Chief Kalindawalo and that he still retained his powers.

He urged all Nsengas to respect and recognise Sangu as the only Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

Government officials who attended the ceremony include acting Petauke district commissioner Gertrude Zulu, her Nyimba counterpart George Phiri, Petauke district council secretary Pathias Sumba and his chairman Makalamu Phiri.
Others in attendance were all Nsenga chiefs, namely Senior Chief Luembe, chief Ndake, chief Nyamphande, chief Mumbi, chief Sandwe, chieftainess Mwanjabanthu and chieftaines Nyanje.Officiating at the ceremony, Zulu said if the people were happy with re-enthronement of Sangu, then the government was equally happy becausegoverning people who were not united was retrogressive to implementation of government policies.

Nsengas will now focus on preparing for the Tuwimba traditional ceremony slated for October 12 at chief Ndake's Lwezi Palace in Nyimba district.



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