Monday, December 30, 2013

Development impossible with corruption - Scott
By Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Tue 05 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Guy Scott says it is impossible for the country to record development if the government does not first eradicate corruption.

During a rally at Namwandwe Catholic Church football ground in Mansa on Saturday, Vice-President Scott said no government could deliver development if it did not prioritise the fight against corruption.

"The MMD government failed to develop the country because of high levels of corruption recorded," Vice-President Scott said.

He said the government had taken an active role to fight corruption for economic development to be enhanced.

Vice-President Scott noted that it was the responsibility of the government to reduce opportunities for corruption if the country was to record meaningful economic development.

"Corruption is a global economic challenge and if much effort is not put in place, it has potential of jeopardising the delivery of development in the country," he added.

Vice-President Scott said the government had taken deliberate measures to eliminate corruption, especially in public institutions.

"Such measures have significantly reduced the opportunities for corruption. And we can confidently deliver development to all the provinces," he said.

Vice-President Scott added that the vision of the government was to develop Zambia beyond recognition.

And Vice-President Scott said the government had removed consumption subsidies on maize and fuel to necessitate more developmental projects.

He said the removal of subsidies was done in the interest of the majority poor Zambians, contrary to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema's negative criticism.

Vice-President Scott said Hichilema's criticism of the removal of subsidies was mere cheap politicking and should be ignored by every well-meaning Zambian.

Vice-President Scott, who accused the UPND leader of 'thinking after talking', urged him to stop misleading the nation on issues effecting the lives of the people.

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