Monday, December 30, 2013

Respect my decision to reconcile with Sata, Scott and Kabimba - Chikwelete
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 05 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

PEOPLE should respect my decision to reconcile with President Michael Sata, Vice-President Dr Guy Scott, secretary general Wynter Kabimba and the party, says Robert Chikwelete.

In an interview yesterday, Chikwelete confirmed reports of threats to harm him by people he worked with in denouncing Kabimba. He said no one should control his decision.

"Yes, there was a meeting yesterday Sunday where people sat and resolved that they beat me up. I am told there are councillors who were present when they were planning this. If you want to wage war against Chikwelete, I am a better politician. They should concentrate on their civic work because if they try to play around with me, I will mess them up," Chikwelete said.

He advised people to respect his decision to reconcile with President Michael Sata, Vice-President Dr Guy Scott, Kabimba and the party.

"They have to respect my opinion, I have to do things which are right. When I reconcile with someone, I am not reconciling with them. My reconciliation is with the President, Vice-President and the secretary general and the party. These are the people I have reconciled with. This should not be the subject of debate. No one should come and control me. These are politics and I am just doing my politics as Chikwelete," he said.

And Ackson Nkhoma, who worked closely with Chikwelete in denouncing Kabimba, said Chikwelete was a traitor.

Nkhoma accused Kabimba of trying to blackmail what he termed the real supporters of PF.

"It has never happened in Zambian politics for someone to kneel and apologise. It is good for them. In politics, no one can send someone to go and beat them. He is just guilty of what he has done. Who is paying for the police officers who are guarding at Chikwelete's house? Chikwelete is a traitor. Even the time that he was a mayor, he betrayed the PF, including the President," said Nkhoma.

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