Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't compare Sata to former presidents, Mulongoti tells Scott
By Allan Mulenga
Thu 07 Nov. 2013, 14:00 CAT

MIKE Mulongoti has advised Vice-President Dr Guy Scott to stop comparing President Michael Sata's leadership with former presidents' style of leadership.

On Sunday, Vice-President Scott said President Sata was so far a better leader than any political leader in the country. Addressing a rally at Kundamfumu Primary School in Mansa, Vice-President Scott said President Sata had proved to be the best Republican president in the history of Zambia.

But Mulongoti yesterday said Vice-President Scott's comparison of President Sata's leadership style with that of former presidents was demeaning.

"He Vice-President Scott is using a language that gives the impression that others don't matter at all. We would like to believe that PF as a political party is not a kantemba owned by three people the way he put it. I don't think any individual in any political party is indispensable. It is just a matter of time," he said.

"This issue of beginning to compare President Sata and rubbishing the others before him is in bad taste. Those people were presidents of Zambia; they deserve to be respected in the same way that Mr Sata would like to be respected."

Mulongoti said Vice-President Scott should stop stirring up people's emotions by attacking former leaders.

"Dr Guy Scott doesn't represent the views of all Zambians over the matter. So, if he wants to keep those views, let him keep them to himself. He must not evoke the feelings of the people unnecessarily. He should not be attacking leaders in a demeaning way," said Mulongoti.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti said those who financed Robert Chikwelete to denounce PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba could be ominous as they were harbouring anger towards the justice minister.

Mulongoti, who is People's Party president, said it would be "naive for the public to assume that "the war in the PF" had ended when senior PF members who were using Chikwelete remain silent over the matter.

"Their Chikwelete's sponsors silence can be ominous; there could be fire burning under, which we have not seen on the surface," he said.
Mulongoti said Chikwelete's apology did not represent the stance of ministers and members of the central committee who issued statements against Kabimba.

"There were ministers who issued statements against him. There were members of the central committee who issued statements against him. Does Mr Chikwelete represent all those? I don't think so. Mr Chikwelete represented himself at a personal level. We have to see genuine reconciliation representing the views of everybody who was involved," said Mulongoti.

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