Sunday, December 01, 2013

Kabimba being ostracised for defending truth - Mweetwa
By Roy Habaalu
Tue 22 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba is being ostracised in his party for exposing corruption and standing for the truth, says UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

And Mweetwa said Mandevu PF member of parliament Jean Kapata will pay for pioneering calls to hound Kabimba out of the Patriotic Front. Mweetwa said the corruption and tribal elements exposed by Kabimba needed to be stopped by all well-meaning Zambians.

"The tribal hegemony exhibited in PF is extremely worrying and dangerous, and those pioneering it, those funding this hegemony to grow, I don't think they are supported by any pedestal of morality. What Wynter Kabimba revealed is extremely serious and needs attention by all Zambians and not to take Wynter Kabimba crying foul. He's simply stating facts as seen obtaining," he said.

Mweetwa said Kabimba should be commended for exposing tribalism in PF, which had connoting levels of nepotism and favouritism.
He said Kabimba had shown bravery and encouraged him to be firm.

"Such courage is rare on the political scene of this country. Wynter Kabimba is brave and should be commended for his commando-like courage. When he talks about tribalism, he's the champion of unity in PF and in the nation because when a problem is identified, people have to own up to the public. There is no need to sweep dirt under the carpet, and Wynter has lifted the carpet, exposing the dirt so that it's swept out," he said.

Mweetwa said it was unfortunate that tribalism had engulfed the PF to an extent of almost alienating and consuming any credibility for them to continue holding together as a united group.

He said the opposition demanded unity of purpose in the governance of the country.

Mweetwa said those sponsoring others to rise against Kabimba should know that they were not acceptable to the people of Zambia.

He said some senior PF members branded former president Rupiah Banda Kamwendo Munjila, yet they too were now on endless foreign trips.

Mweetwa said Kabimba had been consistent on abuse of taxpayers' money spent on government officials that were travelling abroad frequently.

"Wynter Kabimba has discovered that some of the ministers are engulfed in corruption, that they are using their offices to award themselves contracts and tenders. Wynter Kabimba is a fortune teller, he's simply giving timely advice to the PF that people out there are suffering and you are busy plundering national resources. That is Wynter Kabimba's worry. All those that mean well should stand with Kabimba; there is no need to isolate him," Mweetwa said.

Mweetwa said this was not time for tribalists and the corrupt to sharpen their spears to finish off Kabimba.
He said if they had anything against him, they should wait for an opportune time.

"He (Kabimba) has taken a risk that only very few can take. He has declared that within the PF, there are elements of corruption that to me as MP, as APNAC (African Parliamentarians against Corruption) I commend and ask him to remain steadfast. Even if he's being ostracised, we will stand with him in the fight against corruption. Even if they manage to hound him out, he will be written in the books of history as a conqueror of corruption," Mweetwa said.

And Mweetwa said he was disappointed with Kapata's continued calls to expel Kabimba from the party.

Mweetwa said what Kapata should have done was to write Kabimba, commending him for exposing tribalism because she may be a victim in future.

"Instead of sponsoring another person to petition the person, she should have written a letter commending Wynter Kabimba because she should know that the same way they are mistreating Kabimba, she will also be a victim. Jean Kapata should not think she's wearing a gown against tribal hegemony. I expected Jean Kapata to write Wynter Kabimba to commend him for his level of bravery. Wynter Kabimba is brave and should be commended," said Mweetwa.

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