Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mulenga Sata eyes higher office
By Tilyenji Mwanza
Sun 20 Oct. 2013, 14:00 CAT

MY political ambitions are still very high, says Mulenga Sata. And Mulenga says the MMD's move to sell houses bankrupted councils. In an interview, Mulenga who is Lusaka deputy mayor, said he would love to emulate his father as a good councillor.

"I am dedicated to providing the best service to the people of Lusaka and to Kabulonga as a councillor where my father was councillor," he said.

Mulenga said he wanted to be a good deputy mayor and aspire for higher political positions.

"I try to be a good leader but I have shortcomings. If I am a good deputy mayor, then I can be mayor, if they deem fit," he said.

Mulenga said politics was what he did and would continue doing till he excels to the highest levels.

And Mulenga said late president Frederick Chiluba's move to sell houses bankrupted the council.

"Those houses in Kabwata, Libala and so on were sold for barely nothing and now they are even sold for 10 times more," he said.
Mulenga added that there was need for a better evaluation system to recover land rates.

He said an evaluation of the whole city was needed.

"We need assistance from central government for now. We have about 30,000 cars a year coming in Zambia and the council derives no revenue," Mulenga said.



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