Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PF infiltrated - Katele
By Henry Sinyangwe
Fri 15 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

DR KATELE Kalumba says the Patriotic Front has been infiltrated by individuals who do not understand President Michael Sata's vision. And Dr Kalumba, a former finance minister and MMD national secretary, says the PF are not only hacking each other but also 'hacking' the party down.

In an interview yesterday, Dr Kalumba said the real custodians of the PF cannot tolerate the party to disintegrate into squabbles.

"A disciplined party listens to what the party president says, but it appears that there are some elements who have infiltrated the party who don't care what the disciplinary rules of the party are. It is something that I expected the party to address, especially the committee responsible for discipline," he said.

Dr Kalumba said those that did not understand President Sata's vision were abusing authority.

"These squabbles are as a result of problems of handling power by those who may not have understood the vision of the party president clearly; certain people think they are the custodians of the state. Most of them appear to me that they don't understand the vision of the President," he said.

Dr Kalumba said the ruling party should concentrate on its responsibility to the Zambian people.

"They should always remember they're a governing party, they have a lot of responsibilities to the people of Zambia and I don't think the people of Zambia have time to see a governing party hacking each other, itself down," he said. "You can't allow mayhem to continue within the party which is ruling, it is not acceptable. I think the party should discipline the elements that are going out of line."

Dr Kalumba said delays in resolving the squabbles in PF would take away a lot of merit that people had invested in the ruling party and anxiety would grow as to whether there was governability in the party.

"I join the President's call that let the party get its house in order. And those organs responsible for discipline should act. They shouldn't leave it to President Sata, that's why there is a disciplinary committee. Secretary general, the disciplinary committee must do their job," said Kalumba.

"It is costing a lot of time, the party has good programmes, so let it concentrate on the development programmes that they have and not hacking the party down which is unacceptable."

And reacting to Dr Kalumba's concerns, PF disciplinary committee chairperson Edgar Lungu said the committee is eagerly waiting for the executive office to charge the indisciplined members.

Lungu, who is also home affairs minister, said he was embarrassed and heartbroken by the current squabbles in the party that had led to the death of two party cadres.

"You saw what happened to Given Lubinda, he was charged, not by me, but by other agencies of the party, other organs and we called for a hearing. And we are willing, even now we can call for a hearing of any alleged misdeeds on the part of our colleagues in the party if initiated by those who hold the executive office. I am not supposed to charge and try somebody. Let those who are responsible charge those people, and then we will move, even tomorrow we will move," said Lungu.

PF cadres belonging to different factions clashed on Thursday last week in Chelstone on their way to witness President Sata's commissioning of the reconstruction and expansion of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, leading to the death of a cadre while several others were left injured in the process.

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