Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scott links violence to lack of jobs
By Abel Mboozi and Roy Habaalu
Tue 12 Nov. 2013, 14:01 CAT

HIGH unemployment levels among frustrated youths is causing them to engage in violent activities, Vice-President Guy Scott has charged. And Lusaka Province PF youth chairman Kennedy Kamba has been appointed Lusaka City Market manager.

Meanwhile, confusion ensued in town yesterday after people purporting to be PF youths attempted to take over the management of Lusaka's Soweto Market. Vice-President Scott has expressed disappointment that at a time when he thought the 'war' in the party had come to an end, similar ugly acts were manifesting.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Scott noted with concern that unemployed lawless youths had continued to cause confusion especially in the central business centre by engaging in violence acts.

He was confident that the police would do a good job to contain the situation which he said should not be entertained at all.

"It is even difficult to know whether these cadres are of known origin. Just today (yesterday) in the central business area, cadres of unknown origin were fighting about who should controls markets," he said.

"Markets yield plenty of money, so cadres of unknown origin are fighting over who is controlling markets. We have got a lot of unemployed lawless youths around who obviously want to take advantage of the situation."

He said the basic charge for buses loading at the Intercity Bus Terminus was K100 and so with dozens of them loading, more millions were being raked in.

"Because of this, a lot of people are interested in that money and these are the things causing confusion. We don't even know whether these are party cadres or not," VIce-President Scott said.

On last Thursday's violence in the PF which left one cadre dead, Vice-President Dr Scott said it was difficult to deduce what was really happening.

"It is confusing because we are not even very sure whether its our cadres at forefront of this violence or not. I hope it's clearing itself in the system but it's taking long than we thought," Vice-President Scott said.

And according to a letter of offer of employment, Kamba takes up the job under housing and social services department of Lusaka City Council.

"I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered temporary employment in the housing and social services department under City Market as manager for three (3) months subject to renewal until the City Market Management Board is constituted," read the letter from LCC acting town clerk Moses Mwelwa.

Among its conditions, the letter stated that Kamba's employment could be terminated by either party by giving a day's notice without any reason whatsoever.

He has been asked to report to the acting director of housing and social services for assignment of duties.

And Kamba said he will use the position to speak for the marginalised and improve sanitation.

He said most traders at the market were subjected to harsh conditions and sometimes made to pay levies that were not accounted for.

"Those (marketeers) are the ones that voted for the PF. They are the people that spent long hours waiting to cast their votes for President Michael Sata and I will do anything possible to protect their interest.

I will ensure they are proud and free for voting for this government. We want to bring order and sanity in all markets and trading places. We will work together to strengthen both the market and the party and this time around, no one will use marketeers to promote their selfish interest. This is the beginning of a new era, the era of peace, unity and orderliness," he said .

Kamba said accountability would be top on his agenda.
He takes over from Horace Longwe.

Longwe had imposed himself as Lusaka Province chairman purporting to have been appointed by President Sata.

He was part of the PF faction that championed demonstrations demanding the removal of Wynter Kabimba as PF secretary general.

And around 09:00 hours yesterday, some youths assembled near the new bus stop between old Soweto and City Market.

The youths attempted to remove the appointed authorities in charge of routing local buses.

But prompt action by riot police prevented the confrontation, leaving some traders too scared to conduct their business as they vacated the premises.

Police were deployed in key locations around town, causing panic among vendors and traders who scampered to safety on suspicion of ensuing riots and looting.

One of the officials at City Market, who sought anonymity, said the 'unruly' cadres were eager to take over operations of the bus stations in order to raise money for their violent demonstration agendas.

"Those boys in charge at Soweto (market) are from our structures… from the wards but these hooligans wanted to remove them so that they can use the station to fundraise and continue with their demonstration against some party officials," said the source.

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