Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There're people after my life - Chikwelete
By Roy Habaalu
Fri 15 Nov. 2013, 14:00 CAT

ROBERT Chikwelete says he has named and given evidence of people causing violence and attempting to kill him to the police but that the officers are not doing their job. And Chikwelete has accused senior police officers of shielding criminals.

Chikwelete said people that he worked with to champion the removal of Wynter Kabimba as PF secretary general were after his life. Chikwelete, who is former PF Chawama Constituency chairman and Lusaka mayor, disclosed that unknown people shot at the wall closer to his bedroom on Monday.

He said funders of the anti-Kabimba crusade were angry with him and had been planning to eliminate him.

"Around 22:00 hours on Monday, I was woken up by a bang of a gunshot that hit near my bedroom, causing my wife to scream and panic. I told her to remain calm and rolled off the bed and peeped through the window to check on the attackers," he said.

Chikwelete said together with his two nephews, he went outside the house but they retreated quickly fearing for their lives.

He said his son informed Kabwata police station who quickly dispatched an officer identified as Nyirongo to the scene.

Chikwelete said Nyirongo told him that it was people that knew him well that fired the shot.

"After he (Nyirongo) left, I saw four guys wearing long black coats wandering about my house. These may be people I know, people that didn't want me to reconcile with the secretary general and the party leadership. It's unfortunate that they are using weapons to shoot at my house and if this goes unchecked, it will cause anarchy in our country," Chikwelete said.

"What's surprising is that people doing this are known. I don't understand why the police are not arresting them. Those making noise in town, the same people going round disturbing the peace are known and the police know that."

Chikwelete said shortly after his reconciliation with the party, he reported people that were terrorising Lusaka and a docket was opened.
He said he gave the police names of people suspected to be causing violence.

Asked to name the suspects, Chikwelete responded; "I opened a docket of people threatening to kill me and I gave them (police) names, SMS (short messaging system) and time but no response. For now I don't want to mention names."

Chikwelete alleged that the police was not operating professionally.

"I strongly feel the police are not doing their job. It's now a month since I reported. Now people are shooting at my house. I can't rule out that senior police officers are working with these people. I salute the junior officers from Kabwata. Ask them what's happening to my docket," said Chikwelete.



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