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Prostitution in Luapula pains Sata
By Misheck Wangwe, Roy Habaalu and Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Thu 21 Nov. 2013, 14:00 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says it pains him that a lot of women in Luapula have turned to prostitution due to poverty and underperformance of members of parliament in the province. And education minister Dr John Phiri says there is no PF without President Sata.

And President Sata yesterday asked the people of Luapula to give him individuals to stand as members of parliament if the current ones fail to perform.

Addressing a huge rally at Muchinka Primary School grounds in Mansa where he went to drum up support for the PF candidate in the Mansa Central parliamentary by-election Dr Chitalu Chilufya, President Sata said it was shameful that a lot of women had resorted to prostitution just to feed their families and all the leaders were watching.

President Sata who ordered all PF members of parliament from Luapula, including the candidate Dr Chilufya, to kneel before the crowd shortly before his address, said he wanted everyone to work hard to end poverty and deliver on the promises of the PF.

"You MPs, you can't feel ashamed that 49 years of independence some of these children have never seen even a pair of shoes? They are barefooted and you Chilufya you are here, nobody called you to come and stand as MP, you came on your own asking for a job. Look, at independence, 49 years ago people were using pit latrines and they are still using pit latrines as toilets. People die when these pit latrines collapse and you are there saying, 'we are MPs'. You must be ashamed," President Sata said.

He said it was sad that his members of parliament were not taking pride in representing the people of Luapula that had over the years produced some successful businessmen.

And President Sata threatened that he would get rid of all the members of parliament from Luapula because they were not performing.

"Mubamone bonse aba. Uyu mwaka uleisa 2014, Mumpeleko ba MP abakwata amano, fyonse ifi tufitanfye (look at these MPs. This coming year, 2014, give me MPs with senses. All these must be fired)," President Sata said while pointing at the MPs that were made to kneel before the crowd.
"Natukwata ama plans nomba ngatukwete fi MP ifipuba, ama plans tukatwala kumbi. Tupeniko ba MP aba champuka (we have plans of development but we will take our plans somewhere else because we have foolish MPs. Give us MPs who are clever)," President Sata said.

He said the PF had serious plans for development such as building of secondary schools.

President Sata said he was not happy that his MPs in Luapula were not clever.

He said even the former MP for Kawambwa, Elizabeth Chitika, was busy misleading the people but did nothing to develop the constituency.

"Uyu Davies Mwila (Chipili PF member of parliament) said the late Kennedy Sakeni was a Ng'umbo by tribe and they have adopted another Ng'umbo in the name of Dr Chilufya to inherit him. Now when I was a young man in Mufulira, people that brought public transport were from Mansa. I remember Nselemukila, Costar, Kapesha and the Mwense brothers. They all came from here and the fish that we used to enjoy on the Copperbelt came from here. Now you people, what kind of MPs are you? Nobody came to you that come and be our MP; you applied on your own and you must work," President Sata said.

He said his MPs from Luapula must work more than the opposition MMD member of parliament for Chembe, Mwansa Mbulakulima, because he was just alone in the province.

President Sata urged the people of Mansa Central to vote for Dr Chilufya adding that his adoption was temporary and if he does not perform, he would be gotten rid of.

"There is no water in Mansa. You should feel embarrassed as MPs; look at the suffering of the people. Where are we going as a nation if there is no water in Mansa? I want boreholes at each and every village. If you fail to do it, I will do it myself," President Sata said.

Notable among President Sata's entourage were education minister Dr John Phiri, community development minister Dr Joseph Katema, local government minister Emerine Kabanshi, PF deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga, Davis Mwila and other senior party and government officials.

President Sata flew back to Lusaka after the rally.
And Dr Phiri said there was no PF without President Sata.

"PF is synonymous to one name and that is Sata. PF is Sata and Sata is PF. So (Dr Chilufya) when you join us, don't start bringing nonsense you start saying the President is about to die; does he look like someone who is about to die? And I know you can contribute positively to our party," Dr Phiri said.

He said the government would in 2014 lay a foundation stone for the construction a university in Luapula Province. He said the government was in the process of upgrading 22 basic schools to secondary schools.

"Because of the archaic procedure in procurement, the foundation stone for the university I will ask you in 2014 to come and lay the foundation stone," he informed President Sata.

PF campaign manager for the Mansa Central by-election Nickson Chilangwa said the party was united and working as a family. Chilangwa told President Sata that the people in the province were against confusion.

"Luapula is peaceful; the campaigns have been very peaceful. The party is well organised and we are working as a family. People of Luapula love peace," said Chilangwa.

Tomorrow Mansa residents vote for their member of parliament.
The MMD is fielding their provincial chairperson Alfred Malama Kapolyo, UPND has Rosemary Mwiche, UNIP has Charles Mwelwa and FDD has Alfred Mwape.

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