Friday, March 28, 2014

Lies destroyed MMD - Kalaba
By Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Sat 21 Dec. 2013, 14:01 CAT

LANDS minister Harry Kalaba says lies destroyed the MMD.
And Kalaba says there will be no developmental projects initiated by the PF government that will fail to be completed due to insufficient resources.

Speaking when he inspected construction works at Kalanga Day Secondary School in his Bahati Constituency on Thursday, Kalaba said the MMD had collapsed due to political deceit which they used to feed the people during their tenure of office.

Welcoming 37 MMD members who defected to the ruling PF in Lupende area, Kalaba noted that the former ruling party was reaping what it had sowed.

"The MMD thought telling lies was going to make them stay in power forever. They were coming to this area a few days before the election day to add more promises on top of those which they failed to fulfill. But where are they now? I want to tell them that it does not pay to cheat people because what goes around comes around. That is why as PF government, we will not engage in promising you what we shall not fulfill," Kalaba said.

The Patriotic Front defeated the MMD to gain government control in 2011.

And Kalaba said the government had budgeted and allocated enough resources to every developmental project implemented in the country.

"We have budgeted and allocated enough resources to all the developmental projects which we have initiated. We will not start a project which we will fail to complete," he said.

Kalaba noted that the government would refrain from the culture of having incomplete projects due to poor planning.

"In the previous government, projects were initiated but without the capability of completing them due to lack of proper planning. This resulted in the losses of national resources because people were not benefiting from such unfinished and abandoned projects despite spending huge sums of taxpayers' money on them," he said.

Other projects inspected were the complete Lupende Primary School teachers' houses, Lunda Primary School and the sites earmarked for the construction of Lupende and Lunda clinics.

And Kalaba was happy with the rate at which most of the projects were progressing, adding that this was in line with the Patriotic Front manifesto and campaign promises.

He said the Kalanga Day Secondary School project which was being constructed by Copperbelt-based contractor, Melcast Geo-Tec joint venture, was scheduled to finish by next year.

"When we say PF is determined to deliver development to the people, this is what we mean. The people are witnessing development in every part of this country. When this day secondary school is completed, it is expected that levels of illiteracy will reduce in this particular community," he added.

Kalaba further revealed that two clinics which were currently under construction would be completed next year.

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