Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stick to extended family, Chikoya urges Zambians
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Sat 28 Dec. 2013, 14:00 CAT

FR Emmanuel Chikoya has advised Zambia to stick to the extended family system in line with God's teachings that 'he who does not take care of his family is worse than a pagan'.

Commenting on Southern Province minister, Daniel Munkombwe's statement that God would punish us if we lose the extended family system, Fr Chikoya, who is St Andrews Anglican Church priest-in-charge said society was getting to a level where it was degenerating to a jungle
arrangement where only 'the fittest survive'.

"The Bible in the book of 1 Timothy clearly says 'he who does not take care of his family is worse than a pagan' and hence an extended family system is something that we should stick to. This issue of losing our extended family system should not even be entertained; we should not be
happy about it," he said.

Fr Chikoya said the African cultural orientations were closer to the Jewish cultural system that supported taking care of all family members because God was concerned about the vulnerable in society.
He said certain values should not be lost all in the name of civilisation.

"We should not let go of certain values which are very vital for our well being. I don't think it is being civilised to be so individualistic and to be so focused on your nuclear family to the extent that you neglect some other members of your family. In some families for example, during the festive season, they will eat, and things will rot, things will go to waste, they will drink their heads off and yet their nephew or niece or that elderly member of the family has gone without a meal," Fr Chikoya said.

He said in the midst of economic challenges being faced, there were people that were throwing away food and clothes.

"There are some people that have a room just abandoned which somebody could use, instead of sleeping in some trenches. We are not getting better, we are getting bitter. But in a human society, in an African society, it is not about 'the fittest surviving', it's about your problem being my problem. I'm because you are, so we can't exist without others, so says the famous Ubuntu statement. The most so called useless people are actually very vital," said Fr Chikoya.

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