Thursday, May 29, 2014

(BERNARD BUWONI BLOG) Zanu-pf: Africa only emulates
By Bernard Bwoni

Democracy is a playground for capitalists and imperialists! Those with baleful intrigue on Zimbabwe! Those bankrolling the discerning local political manikins! Why the specific enthralment with Zimbabwe?

That the MDC misunderstood and misinterpreted the term democracy is a fact. That it cannot be all-embracing, universally prescribed and inflicted is also a fact. A means to an end, indeed it is.

The West imposed excessively punitive and felonious sanctions on Zimbabwe to ‘propel Zimbabwe towards the democratic end’ and that cannot be disputed; democracy from the Western supermarket shelf with local Zimbabwean shopkeepers!

Sanctions are a war without the guns and the bloodshed. Yes democracy is worth fighting for. Yes democracy is worth dying for. But is it worth killing for? Let’s say sanctions achieve the intended outcome, that there is regime-change in Zimbabwe, the opposition is propelled to power at the expense of the millions of Zimbabweans who endured the distress and privation induced by the nefarious sanctions. Coerced democracy one can argue or a means to the democratic end. What?! You have to have drunk some Juice to get that!

All people have a right to life. There is no smooth side to killing, there is no painless side to violence, travel restrictions or targeted sanctions do not cause a whole nation to suffer, there is no excuse for acts of violence; there is no better or worse violence and all perpetrators walk the same line in the eyes of the recipients of the acts. Violence in politics must never be understated; there are innocent victims and misguided perpetrators. A machete’s slicing affliction bears the same abhorrence as sanctions. It is only degree that discerns the two deleterious immoralities.

We are going to have our elections on July 31 2013. We are going to have political violence mentioned repeatedly in the next few weeks and even deeds of political violence perpetrated. The external media of those with a vested interest in Zimbabwe will most definitely go into overdrive in apportioning all blame to one side, to the side whose recalcitrance to their neo-liberal and imperial agenda they find revolting.

Political violence must be condemned for the evil crime it is and must clearly be distinguished from any other criminal offence. The criminals must be dealt with accordingly. The USA and MDC find it politically expedient to blame this type of violence on Zanu-PF which is unfortunate and divisive. We had the often and always over-zealous and boisterous Tendai Biti making unfounded allegations that Cde Didymus Mutasa was responsible for the young boy’s death.

Let us be honest and clear as a nation that in Zimbabwe political violence is party-wide. Political violence is a malady, an ailment of those with misguided and misplaced designs. Political violence will be used to push forward the interests and agendas of the powerful, the external players with inauspicious grounds and local players with misdirected fidelities.

President Mugabe has been speaking incessantly against violence and in all his addresses he has made it clear that it is unacceptable. The President has set the tone and all parties must start looking at ways forward rather than use the solemnly grave issue of political violence as gimmicks to attract alien onslaught. All parties must reign in on undesirable and violent elements within their individual parties. In a unique environment like Zimbabwe elections are likely to evoke apprehensible anxiety. There is nothing wrong in acknowledging such uneasiness, in fact affective and reflective avow of this disquietude is part of national accretion and cicatrisation.

In Zimbabwe the opposition believe that they are denied their ‘freedoms’ to associate, their freedom to ‘subvert’ the nation for the purpose of their ‘democracy’ and regime change agendas; their freedom to change the current system which they see and believe to be unjust. The only issue that concerns me as a citizen is that while the motive appears admirable, the method and the players seem to have occult intent, privy designs.

Zanu-PF believes and rightly so that the political playing field has been made uneven by extraneous forces, the felonious sanctions, the covert and overt extrinsic intercession.

The local opposition vehemently deny this even when the attestation is crushingly and nakedly there to the contrary.

Is it a case of Mr Tsvangirai in his world genuinely wants ‘democracy’ and those who fund and found him want ‘democracy’ and the status quo that aims at maintaining and preserving the prerogative of a few white former settlers? Mr Tsvangirai’s associations are what let him and his party down.

The issue is about trust. It is allowed to wine and dine with the elites of London, the bourgeoisie of Brussels and the cowboys of Texas, but it is naïve and irresponsible to feed them the false hope that land reform will be reversed if you end up in government.

This is not the time for gimmicks Mr Tsvangirai! People can drink gallons of Juice but Juice alone will not empower and emancipate the black people of Zimbabwe!

Why clamour for Juice yet eschew indigenisation and empowerment?
The Zanu-PF journey is one journey that the rest of Africa can only emulate! I salute you my heroes!

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