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Politicians shouldn't focus on presidency - Masebo
By Abigail Chaponda in Ndola and Roy Habaalu in Shibuyunji
Mon 20 Jan. 2014, 14:01 CAT

SYLVIA Masebo says politicians should not focus on the presidency as there can only be one head of state at a particular time.

And Wynter Kabimba says it is foolish for any PF member to think they can compete with President Michael Sata.
Addressing PF district representatives at Hindu Hall in Ndola on Sarturday, Masebo, who is party national chairperson for elections, said President Michael Sata was the current President and no one was expected to pay allegiance to party members aspiring to lead the country.

"In politics, once a president always a president. You will be a foolish politician to think that President Sata will rule for one term only. Let's not waste our time fighting for positions. All councillors and MPs are standing but those who have not worked will have problems with the people from their various wards and constituencies. President Sata is winning the 2016 elections," she said.
Masebo, who is also tourism minister and Chongwe member of parliament, said PF members needed to follow the party constitution.
"The one ruling is President Sata and there is no way I am going to pay allegiance to an aspiring president. Now it is President Sata and after Sata, it is the constitution. The only way to survive in PF is to remain loyal, respect leaders and work hard for the party; that is all," she said.
Masebo also advised PF members not to judge each other by the amounts of money one has but by respecting leaders and working hard to ensure that the party remains united.
"Some members don't respect their leaders. I have received a report that some members have even put their own councillors and MPs in place because they don't want the current leaders. I was in MMD, and in MMD, people knew how to share, they knew how to eat together; they helped and supported each other. The problem with our party is there is too much selfishness," she said.
Masebo said President Sata was a hard-working man and had done his best in the two years the PF had been in power.
And PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili said the problem being faced in the PF was indiscipline.
He said there was a lot of indiscipline in the party and that people needed to respect their leadership if they wanted to nurture the party.
"There is a lot of indiscipline in this party. What is killing the party is indiscipline; we don't respect our leaders. Only God knows the future of our party. Associate yourselves with the party and not individuals. Be loyal to the party," said Kambwili.
And speaking during the Shibuyunji district youth review and planning meeting yesterday, Kabimba said there were some members that thought they had become popular and would compete with President Sata.
"Those of you with alternative political parties, please leave PF. Go before it's too late. There's no need to attempt to destroy PF before attempting to join other parties of your preference, so go now and we shall meet you in the battlefield.
Party discipline must culminate into respecting those above you and in particular His Excellency President Michael Sata. He's an embodiment of this party, he's a torch-bearer, who planted seeds of the fruits that we are enjoying today," he said.
Kabimba said there was no one in the party that could teach President Sata politics.
"He's a professor in politics, so we are better off as his disciples and learn the rules of the game until we become professors like him," he said.
Kabimba said PF had become admirable because of the positive seed planted by President Sata.

He said if it had not been for President Sata's tenacity and commitment to his ideals, PF wouldn't be in government today.

Kabimba said the country was traumatised for the 20 years the MMD was in government.

"We were under economic civil war when the MMD was power. That's why we are reconstructing this country and you as youths must be part of this reconstruction for the future and the generations to come. Discipline and respect for our leaders is what will make us succeed, and make PF stronger than ever before. In whatever position, you must be exemplary and work in unity," he said.

Kabimba said there was no way President Sata would assign a party official to do things contrary to the interest of the party.
He said anyone that did party work, claiming he had been sent by the President, must produce a letter of proof.

"His Excellency can only assign me as secretary general to address and give you a positive message. So if anyone comes and says he's been sent by President Sata, let them produce a letter because that' s not the Sata I know; he's a man of order and progress," said Kabimba.

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