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(BLACK OPINION SA) Who Is Lord Robin Renwick, Julius Malema’s Handler From London?

COMMENT - On the EFF's betrayal, their deal with the infamous Lord Renwick to turn away from land reform. So who is Lord Renwick? Lord Renwick has directorships of the following:

Vallar PLC - the investment vehicle of Nat Rothschild, son of Jacob, 4th Lord Rothschild (great-grandson of the 1st Lord Rothschild who funded Cecil Rhodes) and the future 5th Lord Rothschild.

SABMiller - which was advised by NM Rothschild.

According to Sourcewatch, Lord Renwick also advised Lord Carrington during the Lancaster House negotiations. (Lord Carrington was also the Chairman of the David Rockefeller founded and once chaired Bilderberg Group.)

However Lord Renwick's main job seems to be Vice Chair of Investment Banking at JPMorgan Europe and Vice Chair of JPMorgan Cazenove, ultimateley owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller's JPMorgan Chase:
The Chase-Equitable merger not only created the world’s largest bank in terms of assets and deposits but also gave the Rockefeller family, which con-trolled Equitable, a strong connection to Chase. The Rockefellers have been asso-ciated with Chase ever since.

(BLACK OPINION SA) Who Is Lord Robin Renwick Julius Malema’s Handler From London?
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Posted on April 13, 2016
By BO Staff Writer

During October 2015, the top leadership of the ostensible “Marxist-Leninist” parliamentary party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by its “Commander in Chief” Julius Malema took a tour to London where they met amongst others, ‘Lord’ Robin Renwick. The meeting with Renwick and other representatives of imperialism happened under the secret rule called the “Chatham House Rule”. Up until now no one knows what was said between the EFF and the representatives of British colonialism. The media is also not interested to ask the relevant questions. What is known is that after meeting Robin Renwick and others, EFF changed its policy in a number of significant ways.

Renwick gloats about being the man who converted Nelson Mandela from demanding nationalisation of the economy to becoming a servant of capitalism and private property. Since meeting with Renwick, EFF has been quite on things like “land expropriation without compensation” and “nationalisation”. EFF has been focused on the “Guptas Must Go” and the “Zuma Must Fall” campaigns which are in turn fully supported by British and Afrikaner imperialism.

We don’t know what was said between Malema and Renwick but leaked pictures show the two men in deep conversation. After meeting Lord Renwick, EFF radically altered its anti-imperialist stance and has since become an agent of imperialism. They have also denounced radical land reform as well as Robert Mugabe, who is the only person who has been able to return land to black people in Southern Africa in recent times. The most bizarre, and still to be explained, policy change of the EFF after meeting Renwick is the attack on the late President Mandela’s legacy. Not even a year before, the EFF was singing praises of Mandela including leading a big procession to his home after his death to pay homage to him.

What has led to the change of heart? One explanation is that white global capitalism is worried that it has elevated Mandela to such a high point that he is likely to be regarded as a saint by even the white population. This is not acceptable as its inconsistent with black representation by white supremacy. In this context Mandela must necessarily be brought down to normal black status as a figure with no legacy to celebrate. Whites have used Mandela when it suited them – now they are abusing him. It’s the same old story. What is shocking is to see the willingness of Julius Malema and company to do the dirty work of white supremacy.

Robin Renwick with Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela referred to Robin Renwick as his advisor.
Robin Renwick with Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela referred to Renwick as his advisor

Lord Robin Renwick – Malema’s new friend – is a nasty piece of work. He is a chief imperialist negotiator who was deployed to Southern Africa by the Queen under the Margaret Thatcher administration. He has successfully negotiated neo-colonial settlements consecutively in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. In November 1978 he was deployed to Zimbabwe, where he was appointed head of the Rhodesia Department in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He later served as Political Adviser to the Governor of ‘Rhodesia’. He had clear instructions to find a suitable black successor government that was: amicable to working with the British, willing to keep the economy in the hands of White Monopoly Capital, and, willing to accept the neo-colonial constitution drafted by the British that served to protect White minority rights. As indicated below, in order to delay and confuse the process of negotiations Renwick is not shy to share his strategy:

“So we produced a rather wild plan, if you like, rather than recognising Muzorewa we should change the constitution into a respectable constitution but with protection for minority rights and that we should ourselves take over the running of the country for a period and then de-colonise it as we had in other countries.”

Bishop Abel Muzorewa signs the Lancaster House Agreement seated next to British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington.

The Muzorewa sham independence process fell apart but it did buy the British colonialists breathing space and cut the momentum of the armed struggle. The British were reluctantly forced to hand over power to Robert Mugabe via agreements made at Lancaster.

Robin Renwick was closely involved in the process of what he calls ‘decolonising’ Zimbabwe. He convinced Robert Mugabe, who was adamant on arm struggle for liberation, to delay the real liberation of the Zimbabwean people by another 20 years by leaving the economy and the land in the hands of the British. The Queen awarded Renwick with the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) in 1980 for his service to the crown. Traditionally these awards go to those who “hold high and confidential offices within Her Majesty’s colonial possessions, and in reward for services rendered to the Crown in relation to the foreign affairs of the Empire”.

In 1987 Robin Renwick was deployed to South Africa by the Queen under similar instructions. South Africa had declared a state of emergency and like Zimbabwe (seven years earlier) was costing European investors billions of rands. Renwick’s orders were to find a suitable successor to President PW Botha, for the purpose of freeing Nelson Mandela who the British had identified as the black leader that they could best work with, and drafting a new neo-colonial constitution that protected the rights of the white minority who owned the SA economy. Renwick also had instructions to get SA to agree to giving Namibia its independence. Two conditions were attached to this nominal independence. Firstly, that no radical return of land must be realized and secondly, that SA destroys all its nuclear weapons. South Africa has been allowed to develop nuclear power under white rule but the global white system was worried that independence would put the bomb in black hands. Renwick, achieved both objectives within a four year period.

In his book ‘Mission to South Africa, Diary of a Revolution’ Renwick details the critical role he played in convincing Nelson Mandela to abandon there ANCs policy on nationalisation. He became close friends with Nelson Mandela who regarded him as his advisor during the negotiation process between 1987 and 1991. The Queen Knighted Renwich in 1989 for his service rendered to the crown in SA.

Renwick serves in the House of Lords in the British Parliament and has business links to the Rothchilds, the Ruperts and some of the biggest multinational companies in the world including mining companies in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa that mine gold, diamonds, copper, coal, natural gas, petroleum etc. In Africa he has held director positions in SAB Miller the second largest brewery in the world, Harmony Gold the third largest gold mining company in SA, Gem Diamonds a company linked to forceful removal of Bushmen peoples in Botswana. I must be pointed out that Gem Diamonds also has mines in the following African countries: Angola, Botswana, Central African Republic, DRC and Lesotho.

Here are some of the key changes to policy that Renwick has already achieved with the EFF:

Abandoned revolutionary violence to reclaim land.
Pledged loyalty to section 25 of the SA Constitution which is about buying land.
Attacked Zimbabwean land redistribution.
Announced alliance with the DA.
Embarked on an anti Gupta and anti Zuma campaign instead of fighting white capital.
Formed an anti Gupta and anti Zuma alliance with the representative of white monopoly capital, Johann Rupert.

Malema is attending private meetings in the Chamber of Commerce under the ‘Chantam House Rule’. This means that it’s a secret, that one bind oneself to, not to reveal who one is meeting with. This includes meetings with affiliates of the principal party(s). White Power handlers like Renwick are preparing Julius Malema, like they prepared Nelson Mandela in the 1990’s, to carry out the mandate of the Queen.

In the press conference held after the London tour, the EFF had promised to make the footage of the secret meeting available. In fact the media was asked by the EFF to get directly in touch with the award winning film maker Rehad Desai to get the footage. All attempts to get the footage from Desai has been totally unsuccessful. Check this exchange with a Black Opinion journalist:

“[2015/12/02, 10:46 PM]

Hi Rehad and Zivia,

I heard on news that you recorded meetings held during EFF UK tour. Please advise when footage will be uploaded on the net and if you managed to film all meetings held during EFFs tour?

Response from Rehad:


My arrangement re: footage is with Mbuyiseni, what he decides to put up on the internet is a matter for him to decide. Any queries you may have I would ask you to contact him directly.

Best “

But this is contrary to the publicly stated view that the film maker would make the footage available to whoever asked for it. Anyway the BO journalist persisted; and sent another request to Desai:

“[2015/12/02, 10:53 PM]

Hi Rehad,

Please assist with clarity with the following:

Did you film the investors meeting at the royal institute of international affairs also known as Chatham house. The one where lord Robin Renwick was?

Also the footage you captured was for EFF, where you hired as a camera man for EFF or were you there as a film maker? “

Rehad’s response:

“No not all. I have been granted privileged access to film for a documentary I am making.”

The BO journalist asked further:

“Did you film the investors meeting at at the Chatham House the Royal Institute of International Relations? The one wherelord Robin Renwick was?”

Rehad responded:

“As I stated I am making an independent documentary film, I am not hired by the EFF. We filmed all of the meetings including Chatham house.

In what capacity are you asking these questions? Please desist from attempting to use me to fight your battles with the EFF whatever they are. I find you questions and tone objectionable.”

BO left it there. Its clear that Rehad Desai could not make available the discussion at the secret meeting. The public offer that the footage would be made available was just for show and EFF knows that the media would not follow up on the matter and therefore the meeting remains secret. Clearly, the film maker was put in a difficult position where he was put on the spot for a matter he had no mandate to deliver on. This seems to be the modus operandi of EFF. It knows the media is not interested in its contradictions or lies. The media has for instance up to now not cared to ask what happed to the promise of occupying ABSA which was the key demand of the march to the JSE. The relationship between the media and the anti Zuma faction is now decidedly unethical.

EFF shall not reveal the content of the secret meeting. However we can clearly observe the policy changes that are directly linked to the meeting.

Lord Robin Renwick is yet again being mandated to make sure that the coming post 1994 revolution is subverted. Finding a South African Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa like leader, who would be wiling to ensure that white interests are taken care of while presenting the fight as one for economic freedom, is an integral part of that mandate. There is little doubt that South Africa is facing real prospects of an anti capitalist and anti settler colonialist revolution in terms of which every sector of black life – the poor, the unemployed, the landless, the black middle class which faces racism everyday and black business that is subverted by white capital – shall all come together as one radical block to defeat white monopoly capital and thereby end white rule. Just like in the the 1970’s in Zimbabwe when colonialism was under attack by revolutionary forces a reactionary was found in Muzorewa, in South Africa under similar conditions Mandela was tamed to lead the people to the 1994 sell out settlement. The same colonial forces are now terrified that they may be swept under by a revolutionary upheaval in SA. To this end they have identified their South African post 1994 Muzorewa – Juluis Malema.

So, what unites Malema and Robin Renwick who up to a few years ago was still trying a regime change in Zimbabwe? An important dimension that needs serious consideration here is that Renwick has massive interest in the energy sector. EFF support for the Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, who is poised to unleash privatization, explains how the financial interests of Renwick shall be taken care of. The big question in this context is, what is Renwick giving in exchange? The value of the pound right now is very high and this makes conditions conducive for Renwick to spend for his political and imperialist project. Evidently, Renwick has been very consistent in serving the British Empire. It must be asked – has Mr Malema now finally agreed to serve Empire, if not, what is he doing with the servant of the Queen?

The following questions must be asked to the EFF leaders:

When are they releasing the unedited footage of their meeting with Robin Renwick and company?
What did EFF hope to achieve by meeting a coup plotter and arch imperialist?
What did Renwick give EFF and what did they (EFF) promise in return?
How is working with Johann Rupert consistent with their stated aim of “land expropriation without compensation” and “nationalisation”?
Has EFF now changed policy from viewing white monopoly capital as the enemy into seeing it as a strategic partner to topple Zuma?
Does EFF care for the billions stolen everyday by white capital?
How is working with the DA advancing the interests of the black majority?

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At 9:35 AM , Blogger MrK said...

(BLACK OPINION SA) Mmusi Maimane summoned to London by Renwick
By admin Posted in Featured Opinion
Posted on March 29, 2017
Robin Renwick Mmusi Maimane

By BO Staff Writer

Sources close to the leadership of the Democratic Alliance (DA) claim that the leader of the opposition party has been summoned to London by Lord Robin Renwick. This follows the tension in the party after the racist comments by the party’s effective leader, Helen Zille. Maimane has been put under pressure to appear to be in control and has insisted that some kind of action be taken against Zille. It is said that the white men who control the DA are very unhappy with these attempts by Maimane and had reported him to Renwick who is the controller of the South African opposition parties and handles some powerful figures in the ruling party as well.

Maimane slipped quietly out of South Africa earlier in the week under the cover of a “roadshow” to London. Renwick is credited for taming both Nelson Mandela and Julius Malema. The recent indication of the influence that Renwick has over South African politics was seen by the untimely political death suffered by once-promising political career of Dr. Mamphele Ramphele. It must be remembered that Dr. Ramphele was forced to kiss Helen Zille after she had been to London. Also in 2015, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema was also tamed by Renwick in London. After meeting Renwick, Malema turned against President Robert Mugabe and radical land redistribution to fight for regime change and “unused land”. Sources say Malema was also advised against occupying ABSA, at least until Barclays had sold its stake in the bank. According to the sources, this explains why Malema has refused to occupy ABSA even after evidence surfaced that it has unlawfully benefited from stealing money from the government.

The DA sources say London is worried about the current ruction inside the DA. They claim that Maimane is expected to get a tongue lashing from Renwick. It is believed that Renwick will put Maimane in his place and remind him who the real leader of the DA is. Renwick is expected to run the riot act by the black leader including taking him on regarding the low voter base from the black community in South Africa. Renwick and other backers of the DA are worried that the party has gone soft on blacks and thereby risk losing its white racist base. The utterances of Zille do not appear to be spontaneous but rather a deliberate ploy to assure the racist base that the DA is still an anti-black organisation.

Miamane is expected to return with a more reconciliatory attitude towards Zille because he shall have been disciplined by London. The source couldn’t confirm if while in London Maimane had planned to meet the embatted Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan who was recalled from his London tour by President Zuma. London is said to be frantically trying to re-establish white hegemony and cannot afford a divided DA hence the order for Maimane to go to London to get marching orders.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger MrK said...

I want to know exactly what is being said during these illegal meetings.

Renwick is also a VP at JPMorgan Chase, the Rothschild/Rockefeller's bank. De Beers was funded by the Rothschild barons.

At 9:41 PM , Blogger Yang Kuo said...

Miamane is expected to return with a more reconciliatory attitude towards Zille because he shall have been disciplined by London. The source couldn’t confirm if while in London Maimane had planned to meet the embatted Minister of Finance


At 11:49 AM , Blogger MrK said...

(BLACK OPINION) Robin Renwick told Julius Malema to fire Mogale City councillors
Posted on October 9, 2017
By BO Staff Writer

The six Mogale City, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councillors were allegedly fired on instruction by the arch-imperialist, Lord Robin Renwick. Sources claim that in the past three weeks, Renwick had sent a delegation to South Africa whose main mission was to instruct the EFF to stop its fights with the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). The sources say Renwick, who is the London based handler of the EFF, had been unhappy with the organisation boycotting the seatings in the metros where they have coalitions with the DA.

The EFF has previously said it won’t vote with the DA until the latter had stopped undermining other coalition partners like the United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Nelson Mandela Bay. However, all that has changed is that the EFF has started voting with the DA again after meetings with the representatives of Renwick. The sources say in the meeting the EFF was instructed to stop its boycott of the DA.

Furthermore, the EFF was told to fire the six councillors who voted with the African National Congress (ANC) in Mogale City.

The sources have confirmed to Black Opinion that Lord Robin Renwick has been very angry about the EFF not taking action against the councillors who defied the party and voted with the ANC.

It is not clear what instructions were given to the DA but the sources who spoke to Black Opinion on condition of anonymity say the Renwick delegation also met the DA in a separate meeting. It’s not known if the march to the Gupta home was demanded by London. Eitherway, the march has backfired badly for the DA.

Renwick is back and seems very active in opposition politics. The Renwick delegation is also scheduled to meet the South African Communist Party (SACP) which Renwick believes can be added to his regime change agenda.

At 9:10 AM , Blogger MrK said...

27 JAN, 2017

(HERALD ZW) Malema shows true colours of a turncoat
The Zimbabwe Defense Forces said they are only targeting the criminals around the President
Tafara Shumba:Correspondent

It’s only now that it has become apparent why the revolutionary party, the African National Congress, expelled its former

mannerless youth league leader, Julius Malema. It was good riddance for sure. One thing about the young Malema that will

injure his political career is his lust for money.He can do anything for money, even selling out the revolution. He had

almost deceived everyone to view him as a young politician who is conscious of Pan-Africanism.

Africa, we all thought, was set to benefit from his youthful exuberance to push for African ideology. Had it not been for

some pounds and United States dollars that were dangled before him, Malema was metamorphosing into a latter-day Kwameh

Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere, among other great Africans.

In slapdash fashion, Malema this week called on President Mugabe to step down, claiming that his continued stay in power

was not good for Zimbabwe, SADC and the so-called African revolution project.

He went on to slur Zanu-PF members whom he called cowards for endorsing President Mugabe’s presidential candidature. It is

not too far to forget the London tour that Malema and his fellow Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaders took to meet one

of the chief architects of imperialism, Lord Robin Renwick on the sly.

Upon their return, EFF grossly altered their policies to align them with their new handlers. It was then that Malema began

to attack revolutionaries such as Jacob Zuma and President Mugabe, among others.

He even had the temerity to attack the late revered African statesman, Nelson Mandela. From London, Malema’s mantra was

typified by the “Mugabe must go”, “Zuma must go.”

EFF was ostensibly founded on the Marxist-Leninist principles. Malema himself appeared to draw inspiration from the broad

Marxist-Leninist tradition. He used to criticise his former party, ANC, for allegedly being pro-business, a stance that he

said was tantamount to selling black South Africans to capitalism as cheap labour.

He even proposed to expropriate without compensation the land that the capitalists stole. He used to praise President

Mugabe for showing Africa how land reclamation is done.

Malema even proposed to nationalise the mining and the banking sectors. All these policy proposals were dumped upon his return from London.

At 9:10 AM , Blogger MrK said...


Of course, Malema could not talk of nationalising the economy any more after meeting the man who claims to have converted

Mandela from demanding nationalisation of the economy.

Malema and his EFF became very soft on things they believed would hurt the sensibilities and interests of the white

imperialists. The discourse about land expropriation without compensation and nationalisation of the economy are now taboo to EFF.

One wonders who this Renwick is, who, overnight, turns a promising revolutionary into an agent of the West. The little

that is known of him is that he was the handler of another sell out, Bishop Abel Muzorewa.

He was deployed to Zimbabwe in 1978 to put in place a neo-colonial settlement that would see the colonialist maintaining grip on the economy.

He was one of the people who convinced the Zanu-PF Government to delay the land reform by 20 years. It was a huge

disappointment to him when President Mugabe finally embarked on land reform.

This is the crime that the Zimbabwean leader committed that has seen Renwick recruiting his one-time ardent defender to assist in the regime change in Zimbabwe.

Not long ago, Malema was described as an ideologue taking after President Mugabe. He had over-the-top adulation of President Mugabe and he has been struggling to model himself on the man.

In 2015, just a year ago, Malema said: “President Mugabe is the only leader who knows for the real change to come.” He believed then that Africa should be governed by one leader like President Mugabe.

“We don’t see what is happening in Zimbabwe as anarchy. We don’t blame it on President Mugabe, we blame it on capital. It is because they disagree with him politically. They use their economic muscles to punish the people of Zimbabwe,” said Malema in 2015 before the substance he is now smoking played havoc with his mental faculties.

This time, they have used their economic muscle to change Malema’s political colour. Come on Malema, it’s only a year when you said you “don’t care if a president in Africa goes for a third term or for the fourth term.” If these sentiments no longer hold true for Malema after just a year, then the young man must have really taken leave of his senses.

He is an unprincipled and chameleon politician. A space of 12 months cannot justify his claim that President Mugabe has overstayed in power.

However, if Malema took delivery of whatever amount to do that hatchet job, then that is fraud at its worst because the assignment he accepted to do is taller than what he can imagine.

Zimbabweans have never asked him to help them to dethrone their leader. When they are fed up with President Mugabe, they will do it through the ballot.

They are not cowards as Malema claims but are law-abiding citizens who uphold their constitution. If Malema has a preferred heir, he must advise him to throw his or her hat in the ring in 2018 rather than inciting them the way he did.

It’s folly for any coach to substitute a winning team.

Team Zanu-PF is playing very well, with its chief striker Robert Mugabe relentlessly scoring. Then there is one fan who

does not support Team Zanu-PF nor the rival team but has been seen hobnobbing with the later. That fan comes to Team Zanu

-PF to advise it to substitute their striker, Mugabe, because he has overstayed in the team. It will take a fool to heed

that perfidious advice.

He just wants Team Zanu-PF to field a weaker striker for the advantage of the rival team. Alas, anyangira yaona (his

hidden agenda has been unearthed).

President Mugabe and his party had just romped to victory by 13 156 votes against 2 453 for the second candidate in a by-

election in Bikita West. How can one tell such a people’s darling to step down?

He resoundingly won in the 2013 harmonised elections and somebody wants him to step down.


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