Thursday, July 19, 2007

Calling for Findlay's resignation

Calling for Findlay's resignation
By Editor
Thursday July 19, 2007 [04:00]

The call by MMD spokesperson Benny Tetamashimba for the party’s Copperbelt Province chairman Terrence Findlay to step aside from his position pending the conclusion of his defilement investigations is very welcome. And in welcoming this call, we want to remind our leaders, especially those in government and the ruling party that justice is a very difficult thing to give. In most cases, our leaders proclaim that they want justice for all but rarely do they live by such proclamations. Lawyers often say that justice should not only be done but should be seen to be done.

There is a Zulu saying which states that: “A leopard licks both its white and black spots”. This saying is used to illustrate how justice is supposed to be administered. Just as a leopard licks all its spots, justice should be administered fairly to all by those in authority or positions of leadership.

In the last few days, we have exposed two MMD cadres – Southern Province minister Joseph Mulyata and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) - who have broken the law but there has been a deafening silence on the matter from Tetamashimba and his party colleagues. We have not heard anyone from the MMD condemning or asking Mulyata to step aside pending investigations in his alleged breach of the law. The same is true in the case of GBM.

We are not saying Tetamashimba’s call for Findlay to step aside is wrong. It is a very good thing and the right way to go. What we are saying is that no one is above the law, that no one should be shielded from facing justice for personal or other considerations. If the MMD detests illegality and immorality as we have heard from Tetamashimba, then illegality and immorality should be frowned upon in MMD regardless of who is involved. Defilement is against the law just like releasing an overloaded vehicle at a weighbridge without the owner paying the penalty is illegal. If the MMD believes in justice for all, why just call on Findlay to resign and allow Mulyata with GBM to proceed like it’s business as usual? Is it because Findlay is not as wealthy as GBM proclaims to be? Or is it that Tetamashimba is so fearful that he might be molested by the bulky but empty GBM? Is it that Mulyata is so special that the MMD cannot afford to lose him, even for his illegal activities?

We have noticed that Tetamashimba in his statement yesterday called on, not only Findlay but also, all those with questionable activities to maintain a good distance from the MMD so as to save the party from embarrassment, ridicule and disrepute. The question is, why did Tetamashimba pluck enough courage to only mention Findlay as if he does not know other offenders in MMD? Why was he shy to mention Mulyata? Why was Tetamashimba shy to mention GBM, a well-known batterer who even physically and verbally abuses his own family members? Who doesn’t know that only two months ago, GBM was busy sweet-talking, through an emissary, his driver he had assaulted to withdraw a complaint before a magistrate’s court? If this complaint was not withdrawn, GBM would today be a convict with a criminal record. But the MMD is quiet about all this because they are used to embracing criminals in their party.

It is clear that most of these men and women in MMD, as is the case with most politicians, are insincere.They are shameless liars who want to blame us for their own mistakes. We know that we will be called all sorts of names and labelled all kinds of tags for offering constructive criticism, for exposing their criminal activities.
However, we are not bothered by the slander against us because we know that a person who speaks the truth does not have friends. Bearers of the truth are often not welcomed. But people should not put the blame on the darkness if they bump into a pole. If they knowingly go into a dangerous situation, they should not be surprised if they get hurt.

Today, Findlay can have the audacity to accuse us of tarnishing his image for reporting that he is being investigated by the police for defilement. Are we the ones investigating him? Are we the ones who reported him to the police? Are we the ones who summoned him to an identification parade?

Is it a crime for us to report the facts as they are on the ground? How are we tarnishing his image by reporting that he was paraded in order for the girl to identify him as the man who defiled her? Is Findlay saying that he never appeared on the police identification parade in Ndola when there are so many people who witnessed this and know about this defilement allegation?

We know politicians have no sense of shame and self-esteem but let them be fair with other people. Only the other day, GBM lost his head and insulted us in the same way he insults his family members and employees. This was after we lifted the lid on his tin of questionable activities.

Now we will have to wait and see who between Findlay and ourselves is tarnishing the other’s name. However, we are comforted by the realisation that it is only the truth that will set us free and condemn those criminals abusing us. We are not saying we should not be criticised. All we are saying is that those who choose to criticise us should do so with facts and in truth just as we do when we criticise others.

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