Friday, December 28, 2007

LETTERS - Leadership, Masebo

Zambia needs a saviour
By T. M. Mukelabai
Friday December 28, 2007 [03:00]

Over the past year we have continually been short-changed by our so-called leaders through the mediocre leadership they continue exhibiting on all fronts, be it political, religious, economic or social.

Every day we are subjected to lies with forked tongues, accusations with crooked fingers, denials behind tinted windows, dishonesty under cover of high office and darkness and a complete lack of dignity and integrity.

No one cares for the lot of us. Our leaders go on for days filling the columns of our daily papers with news that you expect to find at a mukotokoto.

When are we ever going to see someone come through and say "citizens, here is a fresh start, enough is enough!" Whether MMD or opposition, former or current political, business or religious leaders and the rest of the pretenders, they all exhibit symptoms of a very sick society which badly needs spiritual healing.

Masebo’s remarks
By HK.
Friday December 28, 2007 [03:00]

I would like to comment on Masebo's remarks as reported in The Post dated 27/12/2007 under headline " attributes councils' bad service to poor management" and she went further to say other councils have failed to perform because of poor management and lack of proper leadership. I would like to appeal to politicians to stop making cheap statements and at the same time looking for cheap popularity from the rest of Zambians, of which Masebo is doing right now.

Masebo is the leader of local government and what has she done to those councils that are not performing? Has she given leadership? The answer in "NO". Has she taken any action? The answer is "NO".

The councils are busy misusing monies collected to pay themselves salaries, I am looking at service charges that are paid for which should go towards roads and other services in one particular area. Can Masebo tell the nation where the money in services charges has gone in areas like Kamwala/South, heavy industrial areas, etc.

What leadership has she given in Lusaka, for services in terms of roads, water, street lighting, where services charges has been paid? Look at roads in townships and industrial areas; there are no roads to talk about and here she is talking about leadership. Let us be serious with peoples welfare.

I am very disappointed that each time a politician opens his/her mouth, nothing tangible happens. Honestly fellow Zambians are we to sit and watch/hear from the so-called politicians keep on singing the same songs without results? I don't think so. Please let us stand up and be counted. Enough is enough.

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