Friday, May 23, 2008

(HERALD) West should address S. Africa xenophobia

West should address S. Africa xenophobia

EDITOR — I have been closely following events prior, during and after the harmonised elections as well as the present period focusing on xenophobic attacks on black foreigners living in South Africa. When there were "rumours" of post-election violence in Zimbabwe , the US, Britain and anti-Zimbabwe organisations cried foul, alleging "a humanitarian crisis" had gripped Zimbabwe and threatened Sadc.

Remember these were just rumours perpetrated by anti-Zimbabwe media which were not even in Zimbabwe during the harmonised elections.

Recently, a foreigner was set ablaze and minutes later died on his way to hospital in SA, a woman had to give birth at the police station fearing for her baby’s life and her own. Up to 42 people have died so far and several others have been displaced and there are more problems promising in South African townships.

No statement has been forthcoming from the US State Department, which is always first off the blocks whenever allegations are raised about Zimbabwe.

Even poor James McGee appears to have lost his voice.

If you could use unsubstantiated reports of violence to claim a humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe, isn’t what is happening in South Africa "a humanitarian crisis"? And let’s hear your words if the word "objectivity" is still in your dictionary.

Dr Mwedzi.


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