Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'Chibombamilimo’s death will haunt those who dismissed him from govt'

'Chibombamilimo’s death will haunt those who dismissed him from govt'
By Kombe Chimpinde
Wed 11 Aug. 2010, 13:50 CAT

KATUBA MMD member of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa has said the death of Lameck Chibombamilimo will haunt the female minister that orchestrated his dismissal from government and his eventual political downfall. Chibombamilimo, who was ruling MMD Mpulungu parliamentarian, died in India where he was evacuated for treatment after experiencing a renal failure.

Shakafuswa who described Chibombamilimo as a devout and clean MMD member disclosed that Chibombamilimos illness was worsened by depression which ‘cropped in’ following his unfair and unceremonious dismissal by President Rupiah Banda from the position of deputy minister of energy early last year.

“When Chibombamilimo confided in me, he complained about how he was unfairly dissmissed as deputy minister and also expelled as member of parliament. Chibombamilimo also faced difficulties in the case against expulsion from the party which had drained him financially,” Shakafuswa said.

He said Chibombamilimo had lamented that the burden and public ridicule became too big for him that he started to give up on his health.

“But we know why Chibombamilimo was fired, he was fired because one of the Ministers who is a female minister wanted one of her close friends to take up Chibombamilimo’s place. Now that he is gone let his spirit haunt that Minister who cherished in Chibombalimo’s downfall,” he said.

Shakafusa who asked the Post Online to withhold the name of the female minister until the funeral is over described his college’s Chibombamilimo death as tragic.

Meanwhile, MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga has said Chibombomilimo was not sick when disciplinary measures were instituted against him and Shakafufuswa by the party’s NEC.

Despite presiding over his expulsion, Mabenga said Chimbombomilimo death had robbed the party of a valuable member.

“His death is untimely and tragic. Naturally when such a death occurs its a loss to the party because MMD is like a family. We have been robbed of a valuable member,” said Mabenga.

Both Shakafuswa and Chibombamilimo have continued serving as members of parliament despite their expulsion through a court injunction.

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