Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(LUSAKATIMES) Zambia bids for UN Auditor position

Zambia bids for UN Auditor position
TIME PUBLISHED - Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 8:28 am
Anna Chifungula

The Auditor General’s Office is bidding for the position of United Nations Auditor which falls vacant next year when South Africa’s term expires. Auditor General Anna Chifungula disclosed the development at heroffice today when a Chinese delegation which is in the country for a study tour called on her.

Ms. Chifungula said Zambia stood a better chance to scoop the position as her office had more qualified personnel to Audit the accounts of UN once it assumed the position. ZANIS reports that the Auditor General noted that the position would offer Zambian Auditors experience and to build their capacity but was quick to note that there were competitors who were also campaigning hard for the same position.

She solicited for Chinese support during voting in the General Assembly during voting saying the cordial relations the two countries enjoyed should help Zambia scoop the position. Ms Chifungula said heroffice had since sent in bids and were waiting for elections slated for November this year.

She commended the Chinese government for continued collaboration with the Zambian government in various ways and hoped that the cordial relationship would continue as it benefited both China and Zambia.

The Auditor General further stated that despite the help China had offered in various forms, her office still faced challenges such as insufficient vehicles to send officers to some rural parts of the country, equipment for use and competent human resource to implement integrated Financial Management Information System the country had.

And Chinese Delegation Leader Liu Haiyu thanked the Auditor General and the Zambian government for allowing the Chinese to conduct a study tour in Zambia. Mr. Haiyu who is also Chinese Director General for the National AuditOffice explained that the study tour was meant for the delegation to learn how Zambia conducted auditing and draw more experience from their Zambian counterparts.
She said this would further strengthen the already existing relationship between the two countries.


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