Friday, June 03, 2011

‘Wind of change in WP cannot be stopped’

‘Wind of change in WP cannot be stopped’
By Mwala Kalaluka
Fri 03 June 2011, 07:50 CAT

A 71-year-old Mongu man discharged on a treason charge related to the Barotseland Agreement, says the wind of political change blowing over Western Province can no longer be stopped.

Nayoto Liamba, a resident of Mongu's Mbuywana plots, who was also acquitted on a riot charge over January's disturbances in Mongu, said in a press statement yesterday that the wind of political change in the Western Province will never be stopped.

“The wind of political change sweeping over Barotseland cannot be held over one single person or on me alone because the fact is that it can no longer be stopped or will it ever be stopped,” Liamba said.

“Barotseland will join the rest of other provinces in the forthcoming general election, but it will do so with a different style.”

Liamba said the people of Barotseland, himself included, were still waiting to hear and see what action would be taken against some people that were caught distributing fliers threatening to kill people including PF leader Michael Sata during his recent visit to Mongu and Senanga.

“Many people were arrested and charged for treason just because of being suspected of being behind fliers carrying words of similar criminal offences,” Liamba said.

“People were killed, maimed and some are still in prisons because of the same cowards scattering fliers purporting to have been written by members of Linyungandambo. Just from the beginning, we were telling police that such letters were written by criminal people who hated the Linyungandambo and people who had no respect for law and order.”

Liamba said they told the police that among their suspects were the police themselves, Office of the President and the MMD, which was waging war against other opposition and Lozis supporting the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

“After my treason case I was put under house arrest for five days from 12-4-2011 to 16-4-2011 when I was reporting to Zambia Police Station daily because I was suspected of being behind the Kuomboka fliers,” Liamba said.

“Now today a top MMD official has been reportedly caught red handed distributing such fliers as we had suspected them. What will the police and MMD government tell me and the people of Barotseland as a whole? Is it because we are poor that we cannot defend ourselves? Where are you human rights of Zambia? Are you not for poor people like ourselves?”

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