Wednesday, May 09, 2012

(HERALD) Irrigation scheme seeks US$10m for canal

Irrigation scheme seeks US$10m for canal
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 00:03
Masvingo Bureau

The Mushandike Irrigation Scheme Farmers’ Trust is seeking over US$10 million to resuscitate the 1 000 hectare irrigation scheme. The money will also help in building a water conveyance canal that will link the scheme with Muzhwi Dam in Chirumhanzu.

Spreading over 900ha, Mushandike irrigation scheme has been affected by a severe shortage of water blamed on incessant siltation of Mushandike Dam. Irrigated crops at the scheme, that has 1 000 plot-holders, have been wilting due to lack of water.

Mushandike Irrigation Scheme Farmers’ Trust patron Mr Rogers Mat­sikidze said the estimated 40km-canal will bring an end the water woes that have been stifling operations at the scheme. He said feasibility studies for the building of the canal have already been completed.

“One of the major problems affect­ing operations at Mushandike Scheme is lack of water so we hope the canal will draw water from Muzhwi into Mushandike so that the 1 000 plot holders can overcome perennial water problems that have seen crops wilting due to shortage of water.”

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