Friday, June 29, 2012

Chitala urges government to explain its programmes

Chitala urges government to explain its programmes
By Henry Sinyangwe
Fri 29 June 2012, 13:24 CAT

MBITA Chitala says it will be very sad if the Patriotic Front government which he supported in the last general elections fails to deliver to the people's expectations.

And Dr Chitala says it is saddening that most PF officials are failing to explain the developmental programmes that government is undertaking. In an interview in Lusaka, Dr Chitala said it will be sad if the sacrifices that the people made do not yield any results.

"People in Zambia and outside Zambia would want to see that the PF succeeds as a government. Eight months down the line we have seen progressive things happening, for instance, the fight against corruption has intensified and this is good of course; major challenges being faced are that of employment creation and poverty reduction. But at least the beginning has been done. We do not want to see our sacrifices not to yield positive results," Dr Chitala said.

He said it was sad that some PF leaders left the explanations of government's programmes to a few individuals.

"It is very sad that many people within the PF leadership are not coming out strongly to explain and advise their programmes so that the people get to know what is happening and what they are doing. If there is any fear or lack of knowledge of what is to be done, we are still there to assist. We can help and ensure that explanations that are sustainable and understood come forth," Dr Chitala said.

He said it would not instil confidence if only a few individuals explained what the government was doing as this fatigued the people.

"It will not do to have only one or two people talking and it's not good. There is what we call fatigue. People will get fatigued by listening to the same people explaining the same things all the time. All of them must start talking and go around and indicate what they intend to do and what is happening," Dr Chitala said.

He said people that wanted the government to fail were now united hence if no development was made, then the government would be voted out.

"The current difficulties we are facing is a situation whereby the enemies of the government, who would want the government to fail, are now united and if they don't explain sufficiently with zeal and so on, we will see them go in no time at all and the project of beginning afresh on a good struggle for good governance will not be achieved and all our efforts will not yield any results," said Dr Chitala.

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