Friday, September 14, 2012

PF will not protect members violating the law - Kabimba

PF will not protect members violating the law - Kabimba
By Allan Mulenga
Fri 14 Sep. 2012, 10:20 CAT

THE PF will not protect its members who are taking the law into their own hands, says party secretary general Wynter Kabimba. And Kabimba has doubted the calibre of those calling on him to step aside as secretary general following his appointment as justice minister.

In an interview, Kabimba said law and order should be observed regardless of the political party one belongs to.

"We don't want anarchy in this country; we don't want disorder in this country. Anarchy is anarchy whether it is perpetrated by the MMD or it is perpetrated by UPND or it is perpetrated by PF. I want to appeal to PF members that they must respect the law," he said.

"Wielding a machete is not how you resolve a problem. The issue of whether or not UPND should hold a rally is a police issue. It is not a party issue. I want to appeal to PF members if they are genuine PF members they must respect what this party stands for."

Kabimba said the PF stood for peace and that this was the reason Zambians voted for them.

"This party stands for orderliness; this party stands for peace and that is what we promised the Zambian people. That is why we said that you can't continue with MMD and William Banda because they are bad elements for this country. That is why the people voted for us. So we can't do the same things that MMD was doing," he said.

Kabimba warned that the PF would deal with any member who would be engaged in illegal activities in the name of the party.

"I am appealing and sending a strong warning to these cadres to stop that kind of character. If we find them we shall deal with them as a party. If they get arrested by the police they will go and languish in prison. The party will not protect them. So they must know this that they must not do illegal things under the name of the party because that is not what we stand for," he said.

And Kabimba asked those calling for his resignation as PF secretary general to make fair statements.

"Nobody has given any reasons. If there is anybody who has given the reasons it's only Bishop John Mambo saying that: 'it is taking us to the one-party state'. Where was Bishop Mambo when the national secretary of the MMD was also finance minister in the name of Katele Kalumba? Where was he when President Michael Sata was national secretary of the MMD and he was also Minister of Health and Minister without Portfolio? Where was Bishop Mambo? Was he living on Mars or was he living in this country? Let's try to make fair statements," he said.

Kabimba said President Sata meant well by allowing him to serve in two portfolios.

"There had been an argument in this country when I was secretary general and outside government asking in what capacity I spoke each time I made the statement. The President has responded to those observations and he appoints me as justice minister. The same people that said: 'tell us in what capacity you are speaking now'. They are changing and say 'why you should he be secretary general?' Are they speaking for the people of this country? I don't think so,"said Kabimba.

"The members of the PF themselves are happy about this situation. I am not sure whether or not the people who are talking about this are members of PF. The President himself who appointed me as Minister of Justice knows that I am secretary general and he has said I will continue as secretary general. How can one man in Matero say 'why are you secretary general?'"

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