Friday, December 21, 2012

(HERALD ZW) Pan African Dev Foundation mourns ‘Adamski’

Pan African Dev Foundation mourns ‘Adamski’
Friday, 21 December 2012 00:00
Sports Reporter

THE Pan African Development Foundation has described Adam Ndlovu, who died in a car crash on Sunday morning, as a shining beacon who served his country with distinction on the football fields.

PANAD, a non-governmental organisation that has taken a keen interest in football, said it was tragic that Ndlovu had died so young when he was clearly destined to be a future coach of the Warriors.

“PANAD joins the Zimbabwe football community, in particular, and the entire nation, in general, in mourning the death of football Adam Ndlovu,” the organisation’s president, Ignatius Pamire, said in a statement.

“Adam was a shining beacon in our national game who served his country with distinction, a true ambassador who helped the Dream Team to become such an awesome force in the game on the continent.

“It’s tragic that Adam died so young because we believe he had the potential to one day, in not so distant a future, become the coach of the Warriors and play a leading role in transforming this team into an awesome and formidable force once again.

“Our thoughts, at this stage, are with Peter Ndlovu, the greatest Warrior of all-time, who remains in hospital nursing injuries sustained in that tragic car crash.

“As PANAD, our wish was for the Government to play a direct and leading role in Peter Ndlovu’s case, given his status as a national asset, and to that end we expected the Government to ensure that Peter’s medical attention was handled by the best possible medical team and in the best medical facilities in the country.”

Pamire said although Peter was showing signs of great improvement, it was important to keep monitoring his situation.

“In the event that the evaluation is held that shows we don’t have such medical facilities in this country, we expected the Government to take a leading role in ensuring that Peter Ndlovu is flown to South Africa for due specialist medical attention,” Pamire said.

“As PANAD, we will remain committed to the welfare of the citizens of Zimbabwe, and the football players are part of that community, and we had initiated an ambitious process to raise funds, if necessary, to help take care of Peter Ndlovu’s medical welfare.

“The mechanism was not activated, after we received refreshing correspondence that our legend was on the mend and there would be no need for such supplementary expenditure, but we intend to establish a Trust, in the future, which will be used to help in such cases of national emergency.

“We wish Peter a speedy recovery and we will continue praying for him. We will be in Bulawayo on Saturday to bid farewell to our legend Adam Ndlovu.”

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