Monday, December 31, 2012

Lubinda says some people in PF want to frustrate him

Lubinda says some people in PF want to frustrate him
By Tilyenji Mwanza
Mon 31 Dec. 2012, 15:30 CAT

GIVEN Lubinda says some people in PF want to frustrate him. Reacting to the protest by Lusaka PF members who demanded his expulsion, Lubinda yesterday said he would only respond to the disciplinary committee, and not to protestors.

Lubinda, who is also foreign affairs minister and Kabwata PF member of parliament, is facing disciplinary action for treachery and collaborating with the opposition to frustrate government policies. The PF disciplinary committee has set January 4, 2013 as commencement of the disciplinary hearing.

Lubinda said he knew that there were people working against him and trying to frustrate him but that he would not give them the pleasure by commenting in the media.

He said it was hasty for people to start asking for his expulsion when a disciplinary committee had already been put in place to hear his case.

"People are asking for my expulsion and resignation but I am not going to comment. I know there are people against me but I am not going to comment. You go back to them and ask them what they want and what their way forward is," Lubinda said.

"If a person has been charged, what do you expect me to do? I shall sit down and wait for the disciplinary hearing."
Lubinda said he would not comment on allegations that he had abandoned his constituency and avail himself to be tried in the media.

"Towards the allegations that I have abandoned my constituency, I have no comment. Asking me questions on whether I have abandoned my constituency is trying me in the paper. I will not allow myself to be tried in the newspaper. I know you are doing your job but I am saying I am not going to be asked questions in the newspaper. The disciplinary committee will not hear my case in the paper," he said.

Lubinda further denied holding secret meetings with supporters at his home or anywhere else.

Lusaka PF members on Saturday marched to State House, demanding the immediate expulsion of Lubinda.

The slogan-chanting cadres, who blocked President's Lane, said the central committee should expedite the hounding out of Lubinda before they physically force him out of the constituency.

Representatives from all seven constituencies in Lusaka denounced Lubinda and dared him to re-contest the seat.

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