Friday, January 11, 2013

Andeleki caused a lot of misery to MMD - Kaingu

Andeleki caused a lot of misery to MMD - Kaingu
By Allan Mulenga and Kombe Chimpinde
Fri 11 Jan. 2013, 14:00 CAT

CLEMENT Andeleki caused a lot misery to MMD, says Michael Kaingu. Commenting on the resignation of Andeleki as Chief Registrar of Societies, Kaingu, who is MMD vice-president for political, said it was because of Andeleki that Nevers Mumba had not yet been registered as party president.

"How can that be honourable after he has caused a lot of misery to our president? It is because of him that our president is not a registered MMD president up to today. We will meet him in the political arena. We are ready for him," he said.

Kaingu accused President Michaael Sata of using government machinery to wipe out MMD.

"Maybe yesterday it was Andeleki, we don't know how many other civil servants are being used to fight MMD...the police and many others. So, we are saying that this government is using government machinery to fight us," he said.

"He was trying to deregister MMD when he was actually a PF cadre. PF was using him to fight MMD. What that means is that this government is actually up to no good. It is fighting democracy. What is clear is that this government is using civil servants to fight MMD."

Andeleki announced his resignation yesterday, saying he wanted to serve government in a different position.

He said in an interview that remaining in his job was no longer tenable.

Andeleki's name shot to prominence last year when he deregistered MMD for failing to pay statutory fees in form of annual returns worth KR390,000.

The decision was, however, overturned by the Lusaka High Court which deemed it excessive.

"I have resigned my position as Registrar of Societies of the Republic of Zambia, a position I cherished so much, in order to serve the nation on another level. The level I was at is no longer tenable," Andeleki said.

"I have no doubt in my mind that this agency of government will continue to propel to higher heights even in my absence."

Asked about reports that he was earmarked for a political position in the PF, Andeleki declined to confirm the report.

"What I am saying is I have left this position to serve Zambians at another level, the same Zambia, the same nation in another position. It depends on what you mean by political position; you know my qualifications. If I am going to serve, I can only serve in government but to go and be a chairman for the MMD in some province for instance, certainly no," he said.

Andeleki thanked Zambians for their support and cooperation rendered to him in his execution of duties, which he said he was proud of.

He particularly paid glowing tribute to the Church and civil society organisations and the appointing authority for the trust bestowed on him.

Andeleki also reiterated the need for implementation of the societies Act, which is before Cabinet.

"The government must speedily implement the Act because that is very important. You know Zambia is a custodian of democratic tenets," he said.

Recently, the PF suspended its Maramba ward councillor for organising a political meeting for Andeleki.

Confirming the suspension, Livingstone district chairman Fred Chibuye said despite several warnings to Moses Simbaya not to organise a meeting for Andeleki, who was a civil servant, Simbaya still went ahead and organised it.

"We had received reports that Simbaya was organising a meeting for Andeleki and we told him not to as this was going to be tantamount to creating parallel structures. He still went ahead despite us telling him that we needed clearance from the secretary general Wynter Kabimba," said Chibuye.

However, when contacted Andeleki said he addressed youths and women on on how they could effectively form and manage clubs and not on politics.

"We held a workshop at which I addressed young men and women on club formation. It was not a political meeting," said Andeleki.

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