Friday, January 11, 2013

Nawakwi describes daughter's death as tragic

Nawakwi describes daughter's death as tragic
By Kabanda Chulu
Fri 11 Jan. 2013, 13:56 CAT

IT IS a tragic thing and no matter what we say our daughter will not come back, says Edith Nawakwi. And police have arrested two more suspects in connection From front page with the brutal murder of Haantambo Hambulo, who was also robbed of her motor vehicle in Lusaka's Ibex Hill residential area.

Reacting to the killing of her stepdaughter (Haantambo), Nawakwi, reluctantly said it was not easy to face the current predicament.

"It is a good thing the police has done their work but it is not easy and it is a tragic thing. No matter what we say Haantambo will not come back," said Nawakwi.

"So bear with me and thanks for mourning with us; we shall talk later. Right now we are going to pick up her clothes; you see the predicament we are in."

Haantambo's father, Geoffrey Hambulo, said it was very difficult to comment on the death.

"It is a tragedy, we just want to mourn her and we think it is just one of those tragedies and whatever the police will come up with after postmortem, we shall listen," said Hambulo, when asked if the family suspected foul play other than the robbery.

And some police sources disclosed that preliminary findings indicate that Haantambo could have died of suffocation because her body was intact.

"But we shall establish actual cause of death after conducting postmortem and the motive of the killing is not clear although the suspects have told us they only wanted the car and they didn't get anything from the house apart from the vehicle and the cellphone," said the sources.

Lusaka Division police commissioner Joyce Kasosa said there were four suspects in custody by yesterday morning.

"Two more suspects have been picked up within Lusaka and I wouldn't say we have arrested all of them since investigations are ongoing and because the death is not natural, we shall ascertain what really happened after postmortem," said Kasosa.

"On the motive, we are still investigating, so I will not say anything but apart from the car and the phone, which are in our possession, we don't know if other items were taken, especially that she was alone."

Haantambo was killed on Tuesday night and her body was found in a septic tank in a sitting position, with her hands and legs tied.
Burial is expected to take place today at Leopards Hill Memorial Park, after a postmortem and a funeral service at Family Life Miracle Church.

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