Sunday, January 20, 2013

Milupi advises govt to fight corruption non-selectively

Milupi advises govt to fight corruption non-selectively
By Kombe Chimpinde
Sun 20 Jan. 2013, 10:30 CAT
By Kombe Chimpinde

ADD leader Charles Milupi says Zambians will only continue supporting the PF if it delivers on its promise to reduce corruption levels in the country.

Commenting Dr Ludwig Sondashi's statement in which he expressed his displeasure over the government's reluctance to lift Rupiah Banda's immunity over allegations of corruption, Milupi said there was not only reluctance by the government to bring formal leaders to account for their misdeeds, but that there was seemingly no improvement on the levels of corruption which remained on the increase.

In an interview last Sunday, Dr Sondashi said he was personally concerned with the seeming silence on the corruption-related allegations leveled against Banda and some former government officials.
Agreeing with Dr SOndashi's concerns, Milupi said the fight against corruption had become selective, stressing further that the PF do not seem to have a grip on the fight against corruption.

"The fight against corruption is a noble fight that if it is applied in a selective manner and people are going to get arrested just because they have made a smart political move, and they are many examples you can look at of people who are in court for being found with bicycles and so on, those that have now made a choice to join PF, we no longer hear about them coming to court. It is like if someone is
clever to join the PF, they are safe," he said.

Milupi said he was one of those that had been vocal on the need to bring former leaders who served in the MMD to book but that he was disappointed with the manner cases of some individuals were being

"Let us fight corruption in a non selective manner. I campaigned against corruption when I was in parliament and I still feel that anybody who fights corruption will have our support but anyone who
fights corruption selectively to fight political battles, that will not help. Let us be serious with these matters," said Milupi.

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